Inside Xbox 2019 – New Game Trailers (1080p)

  1. Yaoi LovER says

    the real enemy is voodoo russian nesting dolls

  2. Thanos Atha says

    May I do a question.
    1. 720p is HD, 1080p is FullHD, 4k is UltraHD…..
    2. 720p is SD, 1080p is HD, 2k is UltraHD…..

  3. TheTinLion says

    Crackdown 3 looks like such garbage.

  4. john bigtas says

    The onky exlusive here is Halo and Sea Of thieves

    Poor Xbox Fanboy:(

  5. N. AZZH##N says

    Fortnite crackdown 3?

  6. Пацаны ваще ребята класно, четко, заебись , научились делать шедевры!!!!!!

  7. Chris Zitsenga says

    Theres no goods exclusives half of these games are on playstation too..

  8. Altair123 says

    Sea of thieves "Friends play free" works With pc too???

  9. Just My Masked I says

    o.k. METRO, freakin AWESOME!
    The second one (which I didn't watch to end) naaaaah… looks weird.

  10. Youngguy says

    Such boring games. Maybe Metro, crackdown boring looking (kids game), sea of thieves boring. That fighting game not my type of game…

  11. Со- -си says

    It was difficult, but I jerked off
    /just kidding/
    it was not difficult : )

  12. B.2.s.t says


  13. Kehunnad Betonblack says

    Trash ?

  14. Daniel Contreras says


  15. Obraniak Design says

    One of the fifty comments ?

  16. 明白强大 says

    So cool

  17. IHS GAMALAXY says

    Its cool game with owsome graphics

  18. Luke Newman says

    Not as good as PlayStation

  19. cesar soto says

    the despair of xbox ??? metro exudus exclusive

  20. Dicky Widjonarko says

    No XBOX ! PS 4 !

  21. ltkirov says

    xbox one is garbage

  22. Tymoteusz Gancarz says


  23. Ahsan Abbas says

    I am not even a gamer ( don't have very good hand eye coordination) . I just came here to marvel at the epicness of these piece of arts of which nowadays, most of the movies can't achieve. Great work, guys. ?

  24. Ankush Nikam says

    PlayStation Exclusives Seems More Professional Than The Xbox

  25. Jacob B says

    1:48 really? the Whilhem scream?

  26. pozytywnawibracja17 says

    No cool games this year

  27. Dylan Tapia says

    Best video

  28. XpycT says

    It's cool but where are the xbox exclusives? 😀

  29. Илья Юдин says

    У него такое лицо, как будто ему клизму сделали

  30. Никита Шиков says

    I think on this trailer everyone will understand that METRO is not about shooting

  31. Грувер Пирс says

    А форза?кроме метро все остальное параша

  32. zone enders says

    What a trailer metro!!!
    Anthem = G'bye
    Metro = Come 2 me baby!!!

  33. The Haven says

    Metro and Strike Force are looking fucking great. I'll be trying out Crackdown through XGP and it loos fun too.

  34. Marco Lovriha says

    the best game in 2019 guys

  35. dota 2 says

    nice matreshka?

  36. GameBlast says

    Best part 2:08

  37. Adil Alzaabi says

    Nice Viduo ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  38. Nicholas Jimi says

    I first

  39. Alejandro Mendoza says


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