Inside Xbox – Gamescom Special Trailer (Ft. Gears 5, Ghost Recon Breakpoint & More)

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Inside Xbox returns live from Cologne, Germany for the world’s largest gaming convention: gamescom. Tune in live August 19th, 2019 – 5PM CEST, 11AM ET, 8AM PT.


Gears 5- Horde Mode Debut
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Multiplayer Reveal
Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – See what’s Next
Empire of Sin – Gameplay Showcase

& over a dozen more GAMES, including:

Age of Empires
Metro Exodus
Blair Witch
Wasteland 3

Also featuring….
Xbox Game Pass News
Accessory Announcements

AUGUST 19TH 2019
11 AM ET

Catch up on the latest Inside Xbox episode!



  1. Naël N says

    Where i can see that ?

  2. STEVE WESKER says

    Hope it’s better than e3 this year it was massively disappointing.

  3. Zack Bertuzzi says

    Fable 4

  4. Demon says

    Can u send me how long I am suspended for pls

  5. coverandoacasa says

    what happened to the artful escape?

  6. coverandoacasa says

    if they announce that every game they have will be multiplatform, i'll like it for sure ahah

  7. Misha Askari says

    I hope gears pop release date

  8. br5oOl mool says

    Hey xbox can you download knack 1 and knack 2 on xbox

  9. OUT says

    Anyone think they are gonna talk about scarlett

  10. Павел Петров says

    Ori and the will of the wisps please

  11. Zack Bertuzzi says

    Please Release 3 Benjo games on Xbox One Remake

  12. iTonsher says


  13. TaB M9 says

    ayyyy Destiny 2 getting that limelight

  14. Jacob Shabazz says

    Their still trying huh?

  15. puma anfas says

    Allow fornite to play for free

  16. Dennis says


  17. ALHA S CHANNEL says

    Gta 6 for free

  18. Emanuel Gonzalez says

    Yessss gears of war 5 AHHHHHHHH !!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  19. Lucas art Sad boy says

    Xbox aconteceu um erro que aparece na tela corrigir online oque fasso

  20. dnbtrooper says

    Preying for Rocksteady game

  21. Serana says

    Just looking forward to see new games at Gamescom. e.g. Gears 5, Metro Exodus, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, etc.

  22. MrToune94 says

    Release Banjo 3 or Banjo Remake

  23. Dead Pool says

    Waiting For NFS Heat

  24. gad rod says

    gears 5 and battletoads yeahhhh pure hype

  25. jim mhlios says

    We need new games on game pass..

  26. I want more information about the next Saints Row game

  27. Shredder Orokusaki says

    GEARS 5 HALO INFINITE BATTLELOADS GHOST RECON BREAK POINT HALO COLLECTION MAX SETTINGS 1440P 30+ FPS ON MY MONSTER PC RYZEN 7 1700 GTX 970 G1 GAMING 16 GB DDR4 3200MHZCL15 GS KILL RIP JAWS DELLP2416D 24'' 2560X1440 60 HZ IPS! CANT WAIT! Also please see my videos i play all action games and most fighters!

  28. OpenWorldGamer says

    exited for Gears 5 and Ghost Recon ! will be playing both on xbox one x !

  29. VBR Games & Tech says

    Can’t wait

  30. Dark Knight 4Ever says

    💚 👊

  31. Mr B says

    Hope they show more of x cloud

  32. ApexPredator 83 says

    And Age of Empires 4 ?

  33. Ruslan Pulatov says

    I hope they change the graphic style Battletoads

  34. Samuel Marceau says

    Looking forward to the Gears 5 campaign trailer, some Blair Witch, but that's about it.
    Hopefully they have 1-2 surprises.

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