Inside Xbox S2 E3 Trailer (Ft. FanFest, Backward Compatibility, Sea of Thieves & More)

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Xbox Game Pass News? FanFest 2019? Backward Compatibility Updates? Inside Xbox returns Tuesday, April 16th @ 5PM ET/2PM PT.

Sea of Thieves
Rage 2
Gears Pro Circuit
Warhammer: Chaosbane
FanFest Announce
Xbox Game Pass Updates
Backward Compatibility News
MixPot Giveaways
& More

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  1. TheK20eg says

    Bring back Nfs Underground 2!!!

  2. 1000db says

    YOU NEED to make nba street vol 2 backwards compatible

  3. JJJ Epasuka says

    Please put the last of us 2 ???

  4. Utykik says


  5. jim mhlios says

    New games adds on game pass please!!!

  6. FemOr llarina says

    Please ninja Gaiden 3 for Xbox one…

  7. malcolmar says

    Can't wait BTW I would love to see Forza 4 backwards compatible and Xbox One X Enhanced and The Matrix Path of Neo would be nice as well.

  8. glowingorange 09 says

    Fable 4?

  9. Ilson Alves says

    Ok!! Tomara que tenha novidades bem bacanas..
    Eu gostei do último programa..

  10. Ilson Alves says

    Ok!! Tomara que tenha novidades bem bacanas..
    Eu gostei do último programa..

  11. Yaniver Alvarez says

    Need for speed Carbono, Undergroud 2, etc, backward compatibilty pleaseee!

  12. Jose Bob says

    Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee And Godzilla Save The Earth Backwards Please On Xbox One

  13. Spartan Kong Country says

    Goldeneye for xbox one

  14. Spartan Kong Country says

    I just want some halo infinite news

  15. Eagl2009 says

    i love Backward Compatibility stuff, Thanks Xbox Team !!!!!!!!! your awesome !!!!!!

  16. La Tierra says

    0:16 ? Looks like master chief armor

  17. Pedro Henrique do Prado says

    Halo Infinite

  18. I fucked Your bitch says

    Murder miner x, castle miner z

  19. calum says

    Simpson hit and run

  20. Christian Keune says

    The Series of Need for Speed as BC would be nice!

  21. MrSoloDolo001 says

    Please bring Buffy the vampire slayer timesplitters & def jam ffny to backwards!

  22. NightQuart says

    Hopefully we see the legacy of Kain series!!

  23. pesi pp says

    Xbox one all digital??

  24. OG Loc says


  25. Alex Sandoval says

    Jet Set Radio Future PLEASE!!

  26. Pissed off Space marine says

    Please add mercenaries 2 I love that game and would love to play it on Xbox one

  27. Jedi says

    Max Payne 3, F.E.A.R and Tony Hawks Underground 2

  28. Phoenix MH83 says

    Road to failure for the console. I do enjoy gamepass though.

  29. لوف قيم says

    Xbox Scarlet

  30. Mike O says

    please, please xbox give us burnout 3 takedown and mechassault 1and 2 backwards compatible

  31. Anthony Jackson says

    Fist of the North Star BC X360

  32. Joe Whitlow says

    I would like to see more X enhanced back combitable titles or older Xbox One games enhanced. The latter would be more up to the developer's discretion though.

  33. WeaponTheory says

    "Tenchu Z"
    "Ninja Gaiden II"
    "Tenchu: Return from Darkness"
    Make it happen!

  34. HE1NZ says

    Show Halo MCC on PC

  35. sven hassel says

    Backward Compatibility Priority

    1.F..E.A.R – Platium Edition (F.E.A.R , F.E.A.R. Extraction Point, F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate)
    2.Thief 3 – Deadly Shadows
    3.Splinter Cell – Pandora Tomorrow, Chaos Theory
    4.Painkiller Black Edition
    5. the rest doesnt matter:))))

  36. Juan Gonzalez says

    Please watch my video I need opinions

  37. Memeaggedon 2187 says

    Good work Xbox!

  38. Ian Campbell says

    just adding in for The Simpsons Hit and Run to be backwards compatible right meow

  39. Thomas Joseph says

    Star Wars battlefront II ON!InE?

  40. Nicholas Olaisen says

    Crash twinsanity backwards compatible pls

  41. Goddess V says

    More Xbox exclusives not indie games please

  42. •MY_video丂 says

    Please get for us rainbow six in xbox game pass

  43. Higo Wesley says

    Can't wait E3 2019! #XboxTeam

  44. Backtooth101 says

    If they make PacMan World 2 and Mechassault backwards compatible I can die happy

  45. Jesse Powell says

    I will love Need for Speed most wanted 2005 to be backwards compatible either OG Xbox version or 360 version

  46. KingCoin 420 says


  47. Rash Lock says


  48. Mr. Josh says

    But when yall gonna get some good exclusives?

  49. Mbar88 says


  50. sefa aliçay says

    Cooming to xbox gamepass ulltimate?

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