Is This The Best PORTABLE GAMING Handheld?! | JXD S192K Review |

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Is the JXD Singularity S192K still the king of portable handheld gaming in 2019? Let’s take a look at this device in depth and find out!

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  1. Corey Still says

    Don't waste your money on this junk. I would much rather purchase the odin handheld. It cost ess. The odin Basically a Samsung Galaxy 9 plus with controllers! Why would you Suggest that junk?

  2. David Sapir says

    Is it super cool looking with a nice screen and control layout? Yes. Does it have very noticeable input lag? Also yes.

  3. maiL says

    I don't get it, why do they think that anybody would buy this instead of a switch?

  4. Nikolas Tatar says

    Warzon ?

  5. Mix TV says

    So very nice..

  6. deep sky says

    really good man you just sold me on one just purchased mine

  7. Zaros The Empty Lord says

    I wish they would make a new model with android 10 or 11 and updated cpu/gpu

  8. Fahd says

    Hello, how are you? I want to buy it, but I will no longer trust you to sell on the Internet. If you have this, I trust you. If you want to communicate with me please contact me on WhatsApp 004741132622 My name is Fahd

  9. SS4 Kaioken says

    I ordered it for 39.99

  10. sussy amogus man says

    Nobodys gonna talk sbout the buttons being on the left in the thumbnail? Aight

  11. Raskrea Mergas says

    I rather buy gpd win

  12. Fahd says

    My friend, if you want to sell it to me please contact the WhatsApp number 004741132622 My name is Fahd

  13. Hax Tsu says

    your review is a joke, you should be ashamed of yourself

  14. Sir Artorias says

    Price is not worth it nice try bro. For this price just go grab the ps vita or switch

  15. Alex Calderson says

    Does it have Bluetooth???

  16. Daniel DaSilva says

    That old android version 5.1 is so outdated and something people shouldn’t ignore when buying a phone or tablet. Your better off buying a piece of shit 40 dollar phone that has android 10 or higher

  17. CookieBagels says

    For like 80$ this great

  18. 505ZOMBI MMA says

    Can you play Nintendo 64 no mercy WrestleMania 2000 virtual pro wrestling 2 please show us a video on that and you got yourself a deal

  19. jairtzinio says

    I'm trying to get rid of mine on ebay but so far no bites

  20. Mae Lovelle says

    Jxd Game Console 🎮 😊😀✔🖒

  21. Abr.K says

    the screen is defected out of the box.

  22. jokamutta says

    Have u heard of the One Netbook OneGx1? It is pricey tho

  23. Ever Smiler2018 says

    can you please tell me lowest price of this

  24. fashion with sitara says

    Gift this to me..for my daughter

  25. Sus says

    Battery life:10seconds

  26. Dekon_322 says

    Finally, see some indian good in english

  27. Kyle 0 says

    What your best recommendation for a handheld Android gaming system for downloading the PS4 remote play app?
    I really want a ps vita just for this purpose but it seems like the specs are kinda dated now, would rather grab an Android based system so i can easily load emulators/roms.

  28. ❤️TakeYouHeart❤️ says

    Why was super mario 64 running at 20 And below fps

  29. Naeem Arshad says

    It is not available

  30. Maths Magic With Mano says

    Why the f**k does this only have android lollipop.

  31. brickbatz says

    Sold out.

  32. christopher hayes says

    Alienware ufo. Smach Galaxy tab s6. Nintendo switch. Gpd win 3. Then you get this buggle of outdated turd

  33. joseph ellis says

    … i can only guess how much they paid you for this unashamed plug.. I have owned a JXD and can say catagorically its not worth more than $100-$125.. A linx vision 8 is much better for retro gaming and costs $140 new

  34. Cole Williams says

    1:32 dude the latency of the analog stick got me weak😭😭😭😭😂

  35. Guri Singh says

    Its rupees

  36. George Thompson says

    How do you like me now?………. "fart"

  37. ZAETA FILMS says

    What is better than this? Looking to stream steam and play emulation with proper l2/r2 , l3/r3 clickable sticks.

  38. Alexxis World and Xavier says

    I must admit that the only way you have a handheld screen so large is to to have an adaptable controller, a feat I have found near impossible, great review & thanks for the pricepoint honesty, everyone says the same in that reguard

  39. Hetty says

    GeForce Now with this plz

  40. Blashzo Nikolov says

    Specs are not that good cuz that's an old device as well. Actually, i have it from almost one and a half years before you release that video. The price back then was around 300 USD. Buying it 2019 for the same price from 2017… is overall dumb investment, while that kind of tech is getting old (morally) withing months. 🙂 So that's why it is not that great by the time you have posted that video. Or as i presume, you had that for some time "sitting on the shelf" and decide to review it. Either way, it's a 2017 product. 😉

  41. CommonLogic says

    The original was better in my opinion. Version 1 had a tegra k1 like the shield tablet but only 2gb of ram. It was simply the "S192" not the S192"k". Maybe I'm crazy, but the old one seems to run better. It gets a little hotter than the new one too but I've had it for years and it's never given me any issues.

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