Jagged: Animation Movie Trailer (Warrior Cats Fanfic)

“Animation Movie” trailer

Kiraleaf: Arty (Audition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6RDxdyS514 )
Petalsway: Harley Strawberrybrooke (Auditon:
Slykit/paw: Lily Skyplate (Audition:

(More being added soon! Designs are all in progress, for now look at what you could audition for!)

Co-producer: Jenny Coyotewalkr

You can be creative and name your cat instead if you’d like.
I need a script maker!
I need a special-effects artist!
I need an animator to smooth and or fix mistakes!

You must post your audition on YouTube or Scratch. If your doing it on Scratch tell me your user on it! (I’m FinchWINGS with numbers I forgot O.o)

This movie is wanted to be about the length of: 1:0:34

Listed of who will animate their 10 minutes of the movie: (you can ask to animate)
Harley Strawberrybrooke


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