JIANG ZIYA Official US Trailer (2021)

  1. a9udn9u says

    Translation is pretty good tbh

  2. Coffey Can says

    Is that captain Yami's voice?

  3. Princess Rose says

    I love this movie it’s so good 😊

  4. Simeon Reimer says

    Ist ja mega geil! 😃

  5. Anonymous says

    Two words : BLOODY AMAZING

  6. Ali Atallah ICSBR1 says

    this is basically NARUTO

  7. Jack Mack says

    Is that mr torgue I hear

  8. alireza aslan says


  9. Thisisnotright says

    Yes they would 1:06

  10. ETPS says

    This looks amazing!! The voice acting is fantastic, too!! Oh man, I wanna see this so bad.

  11. Rigor Succ says

    Did I hear hercule and all might!?!?

  12. Marilyne In Sundy says

    He looks like Keanu Reeves lol

  13. Articulated Angels says

    Love the idea of Nine tails

  14. Is this gonna be on netflix soon?

  15. Birajman Tamrakar says


  16. Meme Antics says

    I just wish I need the timeliness of the movies

  17. Fuzzypot the Third says

    Did I just see a demon Renamon on the thumbnail?? Nice! I love it!

  18. Cherry Cola Games :3 says

    I watched this film today and it was great 👍🏼👍

  19. Сёр Rein says

    Хочу это у нас в Кино, где петицию подписывать?

  20. Wrath Animus says

    Ah yes the dragonball and naruto crossover we’ve all been waiting for

  21. Baymax Your Health Component says

    Alternate title: baritone but he’s a girl now and he’s in China and he is 2d

  22. Mr boss says


  23. Izuku Midoriya says

    He? ;-;

  24. Nura says

    Kurama 3d be like:

  25. 135 Yiğit Taha DARA says

    Goddamn Arasakas…

  26. daniel chong says

    I have an easy fix for this problem…sealing jujitsu there boom

  27. DBoysG Green says

    Why does this remind me of naruto

  28. Rainbow_Khosyi says

    wait,the main character looks like the guy in wish dragon?

  29. Toby Frias says

    Mulan 2 but the villain is Calamity Ganon

  30. silaxmi13 (36) says

    This is before nezha movie to see how his dad is a god to

  31. Anatoliy says


  32. Kristin Seals says

    ooo I am excited to see this because I
    love action

  33. Chuanyu Chi says

    Naruto 😀

  34. Sebastian Hernandez says

    Yo where TF is Minato at

  35. Kitsune says

    Finally a movie with fox spirits in it. FINALLY!!!

  36. Riean Amper says

    The fox thing look like nine tails

  37. Brandie Ford says

    I knew it looked similar to nezha

  38. Sivart B says

    Keanu Reeves!

  39. нагибатор 2007 says


  40. Anna Kozionova says


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