Joey from DKOldies ships out Michael’s Spiderman games!

  1. Amer Chmalah says

    And give me the Spiderman game both of them both of the Spiderman video games and the whole video game

  2. Amer Chmalah says

    I am give me hulk

  3. Amer Chmalah says

    Give them to me Spiderman video games

  4. amir mehr says

    Single your order got picked to be filmed im thwoing in spider man's web shooters!

  5. bando says

    A demo disc from Pizza Hut😂?

  6. amine taylor says

    You are the best

  7. Jay Sea says

    Looks like bad cgi …but its pretty funny lol

  8. itsrexterrss says

    “Since your order got picked to be filmed, im throwing in a burned pizza crust, along with a teared mailer”

  9. Vitoamiibo says

    Lol. No packaging material whatsoever.

  10. Andrew Harris says

    Oh I have that Pizza Hut demo disc😀

  11. Qonah Mobarak says

    String lasso to pick the mailer up

  12. elchicowhite says

    Yes finally a worthy gift for a expensive order

  13. Jake Brandon says

    I love the old PS1 demo disc's from Pizza Hut. It was my first time playing THPS, FF8, and Crash Racing. Just amazing memories of playing games with my brothers.

  14. Mr. PieChipsandBakedBeans says

    Cool Joey!

  15. MatthewBoyHD says

    Total cost $768

  16. allps3review says

    Joey your awesome 😎

  17. LegendaryLiam says

    What is a pizza hut disc?

  18. Eduardo Souza says

    start exporting to brazil please

  19. gtrman128 says

    "Michael Conway??? I remember him from high school…what a jerk…ill give him a Pizza Hut demo disc….he he…"

  20. Ervin Radu says

    What in the hell is pzzia hut disc

  21. Yndol says

    Yessssa Joeys back

  22. Golden Gaming Zepp & Cousins says

    This is the best retro store I love that you all bring back nostalgia to all of us

  23. David Davila says

    Lucky Can't believe he ordered two of the best Spider-Man games lucky

  24. sk8boardfree watch says

    "Since you order got picked to be film im throwing something of no value!"

  25. PokeDadTyler says

    No bubble wrap on the games…4 games in one mailer? Fucking cheap asses. If I sell one single game it goes in a bunch of bubble wrap, with bubble wrap inside the game case over the disc, and then it goes in a box. Never ship games in a mailer.

  26. Sulaiman Ahmad says

    “Since your order got picked to be filmed I’m throwing in a web shooter

  27. Sonu660 says

    look 👀 there’s a slice of stinky 2 week old pizza 🍕 in the box

  28. GM NOICE says

    Joey is best

  29. Claw / epic gamer says

    I really enjoy your content and whenever I look at the comments I keep the video running so you’re welcome for the extra views/watchtime

  30. BROHUG says

    What is a demo disk from pizza hut?

  31. MilkMan says

    Waiiiitttt… just realized in the opening you’re hanging upside down due to them being Spider-Man games!!!

  32. House says

    "Since your order got picked to be filmed, i'm throwing in a radioactive spider"

  33. Gonza GSG! says

    Tengo la curiosidad de si envian productos a chile o a otras partes de latinoamerica

  34. Boda boda guy says

    dude you just showed me 3 games from my childhood that I haven’t seen since you get a sub

  35. mdgiebel says

    That hulk game was fire back in the day.

  36. Rere Asas says


  37. Rere Asas says

    Ps2 good games coo

  38. dephsmill says

    "And since you got picked to be filmed, we're going to throw in a coupon. But the coupon is you have to pay us 10 times more".

  39. Justanormalfella says

    The free stuffs he gives probly depends on his mood lol
    Nice games tho

  40. haravtar says

    $89.90! oh yes please

  41. SIR DRAGON says

    The disk is on the hut

  42. WooLink says

    Hello can you plz lower the price on leaf green

  43. Honest Review says

    Why not throw in goodies to all orders?

  44. Marcus says

    Since your order got picked to be filmed I'm throwing in the coom jar

  45. Low Zones says

    200 dollars

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