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Judgment launches in the West on June 25; pre-order now on PSN to get early access to the full game on June 21, several days before launch!

As a private detective in one of Japan’s rowdiest districts, Yagami occasionally needs to get a little rough in his investigations.

This self-trained martial artist can freely switch between two unique styles – Tiger and Crane, to take down individual punks or massive groups of thugs. He’s also a master of street weaponry, from a humble pair of chopsticks, to the Kamurocho brawler’s weapon of choice, the mighty bicycle. Armed with a massive repertoire of EX Action finishing moves, Yagami might be the most dangerous former lawyer in all of Japan!

Get a look at Yagami in action in the Judgment Combat Trailer! A Japanese-voiced version of this trailer is also available.


Rated Mature: Blood, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language, Ue of Alcohol


  1. Jaipack says

    This better be on PC?

  2. amiroldskulz says

    Yakuza Wars

  3. Is this a Yakuza game?

  4. Fabri Savage says

    Sleeping Dogs?

  5. King Daus6 says

    So…Sleeping Dogs?

  6. When will be Yakuza 3 , 4 , 5 remasters in english ?

  7. Boss fight Gameplay says

    Bully fighter

  8. Black Riz Entertainment says

    sooo its donnie yeen?

  9. Zigzag Prodigyy says

    When you run out of Yakuza subtitles so you just make a new game

  10. Najee Jackson says

    Fighting people that u can't fight in real life

  11. BetterThanUnson says

    You didn't sell me on bloodborne because I had dark souls. But because of this I gotta break a piggy bank for that ps4

  12. dmxdxl says

    Reminds me heavy of Yakuza..

  13. The Miketopus says

    It’s just a cooler edgier yakuza…cool

  14. pottheadkia says

    Soooo GTA with fighting moves

  15. DJ Manson says

    Lemme know when it’s a discounted price I’ll cop

  16. Afrika Smith says

    Streets of Rage Yakuza style.

  17. Swapnil Sinha says

    Music towards the end is kinda cool…

  18. edward val says

    Was he on a swing wth

  19. Zeigy says

    Quick time events as gameplay? In 2019?

  20. Yung Nefarious says

    Okay. That’s was pretty cool

  21. 0nirayju says

    Oh so it's beast and breaker then.

  22. Joshua Canny says

    Kinda reminds me of the jet lee game for the ps2

  23. JacobGamez says

    So it’s it separated from Yakuza?

  24. JDamascus says

    This needs a multiplayer and a survival mode.

  25. Jose Pedro Arraes says

    Uhh sleeping dogs with Powers.


  26. jim jones says

    Hope this only 30$

  27. mrno name says

    Ya a beatem game it's been a long time coming. I can't wait to play .

  28. Arif Gunawan says

    this gonna be great game

  29. Jay Peso says

    I can dig it ??

  30. Nicolas Muñoz says

    Is it me or this is like Shenmue 2019???

  31. TheMUNDONOVO says

    Yakuza teve um irmãozinho

  32. LiL JaYY double Y says

    Dope looking gameplay ?

  33. VILACHIRISU 13 says

    The new Yakuza looks cool

  34. Derk Ender says

    What drugs are the Japanese on ? Because I need them.

  35. Eagle Studios says

    Looks like a ps2 game

  36. Surfacekilla 1 says

    battle defend yourself

  37. Zasshu says

    Lei Wulong simulator seems promising

  38. Victor says

    So Bouncer meets Shemue meets Devil May Cry????

  39. Andre Zica says

    I cant be the only one who saw the white car sliding on the streets

  40. THINK A-BOW-DID says

    Still not better than

    Jet li Rise to Honor
    Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster

  41. FlauTouw says

    Japanese guys casualy speaking english, nice


  43. smit Borkar says

    Yakuza+sleeping dogs = judgement

  44. Brok Homz says

    Reminds me of shenmue

  45. Ion0X says

    Justice is blind….and so are you after that swan kick to the face you about to take. ?

  46. Jay Laboy says

    This gives me Jet Li’s Rise to Honor vibes

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