Judgment (Xbox Series X|S) | Launch Trailer

  1. Ghost Tube says


  2. ntsu 1234 says

    Its comes to pc?

  3. suripto kiman says

    its time to gamepass

  4. Wøåh Dïzzy says

    but are we getting this on xbox one tho, idc about the series s or x

  5. mark2bit says

    Now bring over Dead Souls remastered to complete the collection

  6. Olf Moufle says

    Anyone knows the music used in the trailer from second '17 ?

  7. Scott Pilgrym says

    Bring fist of the north star: lost paradise to xbox please

  8. bredog says

    Yagami looks like takehito koyasu

  9. Gün Gün says

    So are we not getting it for xbox one?

  10. Liquid Snake says

    Please release this in the south African xbox store

  11. Богдан Рябенко says

    I hope we can get Dead Souls as well!

  12. El Indigeno says

    Now we all need Ghost of Tsushima. I know you can do it. 😉

  13. Hey odell says

    for when grounded

  14. Majorpeepo says

    Only for xbox series x/s… :<

  15. RPG Crash says

    Getting this when im done with nier

  16. ПашАК47 says

    Another ps5 excuslive lol
    So far mlb, yakuza ,judgment whats next

  17. Matthew Banda says

    The ps5 version,!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?!

  18. Immortal Gaming says

    My names yagami light yagami

  19. Paris Campos says

    I bought it as soon as it hit the store on my series x. Amazing game!

  20. Sonidoge says


  21. Nex Rex says

    Will this be available on pc

  22. suco Carozac says

    Bring it to PC… Guys don't forget about us!!

  23. Cameron Perry says

    Only on new Xbox?

  24. Shai Fernandez says

    pretty lame you have to rebuy the game

  25. Kartoschka says

    Gamepass when?

  26. Francis Ngannou says

    Can you play this on xbox one?

  27. Antz3The3rd says

    "Who are you?"
    "The name's Yagami… Light."

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