JUDY & PUNCH Trailer (2019) Mia Wasikowska, Drama Movie

  1. OneLittleStar says

    If he says 'that's the way to do it' one. more. time. I swear to God……

  2. Kirsten O'Brien says

    SPOILER ALERT (sort of)*: What. Happened. To. The. BABY?! ??

    *But seriously, don’t read the comments before watching the trailer/teaser, duh. Having to cater to this kind of nonsense is the bane of my existence.

  3. Mira Maria says

    hahaha it's the guy that played Charles Manson twice in a different film and serie…

  4. enny H says

    Alice in Wonderland having serious problems with Oberyn Martell

  5. Veola Noronha says

    He looks like a watered down, ugly version of Oberyn Martell.

  6. shania clarke says

    Did Hollywood just steal and potentially destroy a precious milestone of British children ?I can't wait to watch?

  7. anda004 says

    Mia has been in my heart since In Treatment!! Her role Sophie meant a lot to me, I can still hear some of her lines in my head when I argue with my absent dad.

  8. saturninedecember says

    now THAT looks like a good movie

  9. KT mcgoogle says

    This movie looks sick but the ACCENTS HAHAHAA

  10. N LB says

    they just gave away the entire movie

  11. Tammy Ruggles says

    Being a writer and occasional reviewer, I'm relieved to find something original instead of derivative, so I'll be checking this one out.

  12. C A Campbell says

    Looks brilliant. Great trailer too!

  13. Alana Lee0316 says

    Just rewatched "Being John Malkovich" for the first time in 20 years, now in the mood to see another puppeteer based movie. How many can there be?

  14. Rachel C. Patz says

    Got really excited cause I thought it said Mike wasikowska

  15. LittleHollyKid says

    this looks so good!!!!

  16. Jeff Pennwick says

    Revisionist history. Men beat and killed women with impunity back then.

  17. ako tairi says

    Off with his head!

  18. Caroline Davis says

    I’m a simple person. I see Mia Wasikowska, I click.

  19. The Modern Heathen says

    A film about those Punch and Judy dolls? YES!  While everyone else is getting their knickers in a twist over Maleficent and Marvel crap, I'm going to see this.  Looks right up my cobblestoned ally.

  20. Prashant Vyas says

    That's the lady from Alice in Wonderland right

  21. HAYAO LEONE says



  22. Romulus The Maine Coon says

    Reminds me of the Downton Abbey puppet show Tom and Henry were putting on for the children! I didn't realize that Tom's ending "And that's the way to do it!" came from Punch and Judy!

  23. Andres Gonzales says

    Wow this trailer got me hating it and liking it at the same time

  24. jorje vanelle says

    Mia !!!

  25. Cece Bayul says

    Unless this movie is 80% Judy exacting revenge and then killing Punch, I don't care

  26. Reload Survivor says

    What… the… fuck…

  27. Sherry Patrick says

    Eek looks a little dark….. But I'll watch it. It might turn out.

  28. daiana Arazi says

    i´m sooo watching this one!

  29. Samia Said says

    Did he let the baby burn?

  30. inodog says

    This looks great

  31. windambee303 says

    How interesting are hers and Robert Pattinson's choices in movies. Their movies are really bonkers, for sure. Always fun to enjoy, though and super twisted ?????

  32. Iron Vlogger says

    That's the way to do it?

  33. WOLOLO says

    I tought title said Mia Malkova at first. Guess habits never die ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  34. mark R says

    So another trailer that basically shows you the whole movie

  35. David Miller says

    strong women how original ……

  36. citizenxgen says

    More feminist shit!

  37. Uchechi says

    Okay but why is it Judy and punch instead of Punch and Judy

  38. Felicity Cook says

    MIA and DAMON two amazing AUSSIE Actors ….

  39. Smurfette101 says

    Looks insane. I'm excited

  40. 92ninersboy says

    "That's the way to do it"! DAMN IT. Great trailer.

  41. omosomi omomia says

    Punch & Judy…why the other way round? Lol

  42. raj shah says

    So puppetry is back again!?

  43. PiyaM says

    The references to the classic puppet show in this are so intense. I always cheered for the dog to get away with the sausages

  44. xx JahoviA xx says

    I need to see this, i need this movie in my life. I don't want ti see another trailer about a 3rd string marvel super hero movie god dam it

  45. einat1622 says

    I am honestly not surprised Mia Wasikowska is in something so bizarre.
    This looks good~

  46. Red Fisher says

    Yet another girl power movie where the patriarchy is smashed. Can't wait.

  47. jammybear25 says

    Yasss my fave mia ❤❤❤??

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