JUSTICE LEAGUE VS THE FATAL FIVE Trailer #1 NEW (2019) DC Animated Superhero Movie HD

  1. don hamlin says

    Yay justice league cartoon return and I like the justice league movie real life as well.

  2. Dinglie Danglie Doodle says

    Oh sweet, Bruce Timm is back! His version of DC characters is the default for me, I like all of them better. Where's Flash though? He was my favourite. Starboy's face looks a bit like him.

  3. Halix1sh0T says

    My child hood ?

  4. Raymond Santana says

    no espero más, ya me la quiero ver

  5. KpS Robert says

    Yeeeees !

  6. Nikola Krsmanovic says

    And this old animation style sucks….

  7. Nikola Krsmanovic says

    So cosmic level powers in this movie?

  8. Dick Grayson says

    Have fun with that, Batman. I'll watch the cow and the Robin.

  9. Batman Prime says

    Is this Miss Martian M'gann or maybe she is Martian Manhunter daughter though J'onn said that he was the sole survivor of Mar. But what she is. I still love Miss M

  10. CESAR XDRIAN says

    The best part was when dc riped off captain universe from marvel, just kidding it looks awesome

  11. Caleb Loh says

    0:33 I ❤ Jessica Cruz.

  12. Bidocf says

    Glad to see JL DCAU art style come back

  13. SilverByakuya says

    Who is the black guy again?

  14. Jackal Reviews says

    I saw the central power battery from green lantern first flight.

  15. CyberTiger 45 says

    What happened to Martian Manhunter, The Flash, John Stewart Green Lantern, And Hawkgirl well actually we know what happens to her

    But besides the original 7, what happened to the rest of the League, we only see 6 heroes

    Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Jessica Green Lantern, Miss Martian, And Mr Terrific

  16. ZeroJT says

    Cosmic boy??

  17. ZeroJT says

    I watched Regin Of Supermen so guess ima watch this too

  18. Leaf_Fan_ B says

    So they went back to the old Animation Nice

  19. Broc Theil says

    looks awseome af

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