KAYARA Official Teaser Trailer (NEW 2022) Animation Adventure Inca Princess Movie HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

Watch the official trailer for Kayara, an animation adventure directed by Cesar Zelada. In theaters December 1, 2022.

Kayara is a female-led story and follows a young Incan woman who dreams of breaking into the male-only group of Chasqui Inca messengers.

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  1. Tiana Roberge says

    Could they make a disney animated movie cgi sinker to the hunchback of notre dame in a way

  2. Tiana Roberge says


  3. Denis Chen says

    Since 2015 when I was in middle school, animated movies of indigenous cultures was my dream. My dream came true in 2016 when Moana, a movie about Polynesian culture and mythology came out. Now in 2021 with the teasers for Kayara and Ainbo, my hopes are high for the development and official release of these two movies.

  4. Kuchiki Sim says

    Quechua, Incan language.

  5. Videojuegos blue says

    Tengo noticias sobre la animación Aimbo puede que se estrene si mejora la pandemia en 2021, y Kayara se estanara en el 2023

  6. Nina K. says

    Yeeees we need this!

  7. Wolf Alpha102 says

    sees this Machu Pichu home

    but imagine the animal sidekick as a Llama

  8. Andrea Alhuay says

    Will this movie be in English or Spanish primarily?? I’m so excited

  9. Zanet Zov Art says

    Hermosa 😍 e interesante (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ya quiero ver la película

  10. Chocolate Cumprimenta says

    I love this culture, but why a girl? Adventure is not a feminine thing. Feminism ruining everything.

  11. Pikchu Mark says

    Hola soy de Perú xd

  12. Tkrwls says

    Espero con ansias esta película

  13. Alejandra Bernuy says

    TIENE UN CUY esto es hermoso esto es perfecto <3

  14. Marssie anima says

    Alguien que hable español aquí

  15. mike angell says

    esto es peru como va creciendo la animacion peruana es sorprendente

  16. Igor Titov says


  17. Cheyenne Sanders says

    This reminds me of The croods for some what reasson

  18. Elle says


  19. Mauricio_Ibieta says

    So she's pretty much the ancestor of Yi from Abominable.

  20. Sam Cochran says

    wait, what do inca people have to do with dragons? like, are there any dragons in inca lore?

  21. Perro con sombrero says

    Oye, también vi un piloto de animación peruano llamado Chicho y darz , ve a darle cariño, está en Youtube 🙂 Fue hecho por un animador peruano

  22. Perro con sombrero says

    Hey, I also saw a Peruvian animation pilot called Chicho y darz , go give him love, it's on Youtube 🙂 It was made by a Peruvian animator

  23. Perro con sombrero says

    Esto es Perú csm bravooo

  24. Derp Herp says

    I hope this doesn't turn out to be like Ainbo. I pray its not some shity unoriginal kids movie thats as shallow as a puddle of horse crap.

  25. Shawn Eldridge says

    looks amazing, i want to c this when it comes out

  26. Green Green says

    This looks gorgeous

  27. Shaiane O Hara says

    That’s a cool movie I wanna watch it!!

  28. Let’s play Minecraft says

    ……….can't wait……..

  29. Kattie Rodriguez says

    Me-*sees her having a guinea pig as a pet *

    Also Me- YUP THIS MOVIE GONNA BE AWESOME (I have a hamster as a child/pet)

  30. Ernő Vincze says

    With this and Ainbo both in production, we're getting two Disney-esque movies about young women in South America pretty close to one another…

  31. Lucas Stephan says

    Why are they showing us a trailer of a movie that's not coming out until December 2022

  32. Martyn McMurray says

    Why so far away?!

  33. SpySponge says

    wth This Movie is coming in December 2022 Which is 2 years away from us so why did they release the trailer now

  34. Samuel Pezi says

    Kayara the girl who cant write her name right

  35. olga klipackaja says

    Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  36. Jep Lol says

    Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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