Keanu Reeves Reveals Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date At E3 2019

  1. Raul Charlie says

    The scream Jajajajajajaja

  2. Lucky 777 says

    Keanu Reeves is drunken? Hahahah

  3. Numb says

    Matrix 4!

  4. TheBlasianKing says

    Here after watching Keanu spaz out in flyingkitty’s video

  5. Itache_Otaku Bertini Silva says

    Keanu: A


  6. Geralt of Night City says


  7. X1 Gaming says

    NO greedy tactics.

    NO micro transactions.

    NO corporate B.S

    Just a good game made by a company who enjoys making good games for the fans.

    It's this that has me excited for Cyberpunk 2077

  8. AJR 007 says

    "Please Welcome Keanu Reeves" such a badass.

  9. Zaryab Kharal says

    Month and day covered by annotations

  10. Mr Wojak says

    Who is here from Flying kitty

  11. Giselle Requejo says

    Fans: We love you Keanu.

    Keanu:STFU Bi***

  12. INCOOM13 says

    Mr. Reeves could be Jesus

  13. Tyler Durden says

    So when is John Wick the game release date…

  14. your music memory (dutch) says

    Song name please someone

  15. hard to heart says

    A guy in 2020:fortnite

    Another guy in 2020:hell no go to the cornor its just cyberpunk now

  16. Zain TheGreat says

    Get Out Ps4 Fans

  17. Kian Demonteverde says

    Wow. It's gonna be released on my birthday.

  18. lady íris says

    Homem sem defeito

  19. WJ Drenthen says

    Back off warchild

  20. glancedUpTV says

    Keanu = Living Legend

  21. Sami T says

    The world:*cheers*

  22. Ksheera Sagar says

    I just came here to have my breath taken away.

  23. Hxly_B says

    pOtTy SiMuLAToR 2077

  24. solarlola 9 says

    When I was 13 I thought I would marry keanu Reeves when I grow up but now I feel like I look older than him lol

  25. Dollyn Seu Amiguin says

    2:18 you were looking for this moment, weren't you?

  26. Naruto Uzumaki says

    Came here cuz of flyinkitty

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