Kim Possible – Trailer

  1. muskiej5 says


  2. Heraldo videos de supergirl says

    Me gustó la película de Kimi posible si me gusta mucho me encanta si usted apoya apoya esta señorita atrás de cámaras de la película de tini posible por favor recuerden a traer cámaras se va a ser el miércoles 3 de diciembre y jueves 4 de diciembre a las 7:30 de la noche vamos a arrancar con esto usted vota por la Fusion número 2 hoy en la por favor Y tienes portunidad para que usted vote por favor bote y usted lo está se va estar en vivo por Disney Channel

  3. marcele oliveira says

    Queria ver dublado em português.

  4. Danielle Claassens says

    Welp they just fucked the legacy of KP over so badly I feel like vomiting

  5. SinOfDisaster says

    Wait this is real? I remember seeing this on TV and thought I was still a sleep thinking I had the worst dream. Turning a great show from my childhood into garbage. Holy shit, How can they do this and think it's ok.

  6. Sam L says

    What the fuck is this garbage. Trashy ass shit

  7. Mike Russell says

    0:42 get her

  8. Jenée Caldera says

    fuck this

  9. Karla Odegaard says

    Came here because a meme made fun of it… the meme couldnt be more right.. lol

  10. Taylor VanStrydonk says


  11. The FrightShow says

    Who TF is that other girl
    And where TF is Rufus

  12. Destinee Powell says

    The cast is trash trynna ruin my childhood. Leave her alone Kim is a legend.

  13. AshRecord254 says

    I'm scared

  14. Emery Estrada says

    when I think of kim possible I think of a hot girl when I saw the trailer he'll naw

  15. Dai FD says

    Please! Upload the Sneak Peek from Kim Possible ♡

  16. Jacorey Longshore says

    Now they want to make a movie when I out grow cartoons ??‍♂️

  17. Addy Wills says

    I’m sorry but hellllll no

  18. Krysi bear says

    This is all wrong!!!

  19. Margretta Sele says

    Why would they do this? Who's asking you guys to ruin our childhood? Haven't y'all done enough?

  20. Dalise says

    These are peoples childhood's you are ruining!!!!! Think about that the next time you get the ingenious idea to remake an already good thing. ???

  21. Stanley McIntyre says

    Disney fucked Kim Possible, the way Cartoon Network did with the live versions of the Ben 10 tv movies, smh

  22. Shadow Edits :3 says

    i don't like the movie the cartoon is better

  23. Brandon Currin says

    Please stop remaking good movies/shows into trash like this, just release the originals and leave it alone

  24. Nebbys says

    Where's that jammin' theme song? Did they even keep Rufus?

  25. LexyTheFox says

    Was expecting/had hope for something a little better

  26. Ahmad Haruman says

    ?….. Hmm

  27. TheHarrisNator says

    Burn it

  28. Ricci Nichols says

    Cool I guess

  29. kmkrasu says

    first three

  30. Wender Silva says

    First two!

  31. XxSour_ jeebzxX says


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