Lancaster Skies

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The year is 1943. War has been raging in Europe for more than 3 years. Angry and bereaved by the death of his younger brother, Flight Lieutenant Douglas Miller, a battle hardened RAF Fighter Pilot, transfers to Bomber Command in the misguided belief that, as a Bomber Pilot, he will be better placed to avenge his brother’s death by taking ‘his war’ to the heart of the enemy. On arriving at his new posting, he is given the unenviable task of replacing the much loved Skipper of an experienced Lancaster Bomber crew, who was killed in action just days before. Over the days that follow our protagonist’s difficult demeanour and single-minded determination to wage war at any cost brings him into conflict with his new crew. A series of flashbacks begin to explain how Douglas’s inner demons were created. It is only when he unexpectedly falls for a pretty and spirited WAAF (Kate) that Douglas slowly starts to defrost and warm to his new crew. However, a final flashback at the end of the second act reveals a dark secret that could tear the crew apart, just hours before they embark their first mission together. The third act sees Douglas and his crew embark on a perilous mission to strike at the heart of the enemy in the skies over Berlin. Despite the aircraft sustaining damage from enemy night fighters, Douglas is determined to push on. Mission accomplished, the crew appear united as brothers in arms. Buoyed by the success of the mission they turn for home, only to be hit and by a burst of flak. With the Lancaster severely damaged, the crew’s lives hang in the balance. Can Douglas bring them home safely and will the devastating secret be revealed?


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