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Experience Bloober Team’s New Masterpiece, Layers of Fear 2, with voice acting led by iconic horror actor Tony Todd. Available now on PlayStation 4.

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Rated Mature: Blood, Intense Violence, Language, Sexual Themes


  1. MR Azhi ツ says

    layers of fear 1 is so F**king scary and awesome,let see this one tho !

  2. Eeb Neeb says

    I thought snoke died?

  3. Kid Arachnid says


  4. The Prototype says

    Walking Simulator of fear 2: Maybe some actual gameplay this time edition

  5. Tonymusha Productions says

    I hope soon with the 2, the 1 and the DLC in a disc (in box).

  6. Chewy Suarez says

    0:14, 0:24,0:34 gives me the creeps

  7. Masamune Joukyou says

    Time for Walking Simulator 2

  8. DAVID XM says

    Zoom is behind all of this?

  9. marbie salcedo says

    Final Layer is gonna be Shrek.

  10. bloodrunsclear says


  11. Витя Патрон says

    I hope that compositor will be Arkadiusz Reikowski , as in a previous part.

  12. McCrabby Patty says

    Layers of fear 2 titanic boogaloo

  13. Giacomo Ettore Perazzi says

    I hope they also do The Observer 2

  14. chobbito says

    When did the psychological horror game Layers of Fear become part of the gore shock horror Saw franchise?

    Even has Jigsaw as the narrator.

  15. Eddie Bacon says

    this what supposedly happened on the titanic

  16. What it this? Is no fear 2

  17. keeeeen1022 says

    Layers of boring

  18. 0FredEx says


  19. Tristan Krause says

    Is that the same voice actor for Nightstalker in Dota 2?!

  20. pink guy says


  21. NewAtlas says

    Is there a Titanic on the top of the dummies?

  22. Blue Cats says

    3rd game?

  23. Michael Arce says


  24. AwesoméxUwU says

    So this was the game gun media was working on. I love it like Friday the 13th ever existed but. I do want them to make a game like Friday the 13th WITHOUT GETTING FRICKING SUED

  25. madB4rbie Dilara says

    I love this game and sad story… cried everytime..

  26. Kevin Strom says

    Can't buy it. I refuse to support gun media.

  27. JohnHan says

    Well another game for me!

    To watch in phone and hide in comments

  28. Swee Team says

    Thanks Skidrow 😀

  29. Similar al Sol says

    ? Como lo mueve esa muchachota ?

  30. NYO64 says

    I love the reference of Metropolis !

  31. Deez says

    VR support

    instant deathstroke

  32. kakibackup2 Koujo says

    Looking forward to it.

  33. Pat Alb says

    I was already a Layers of fear fan, hopefully gun media doesn’t ruin this.

  34. zohoro says

    Bruh its already out like why the trailer just came out now???

  35. VivaVideo User says

    This game would be amazing in PSVR

  36. 最高生田 says

    Day one!! finally! ❤️

  37. Edgar Friendly says

    Tony Todd?!???!! The Candyman????!? Im in.

  38. Jason Steel27 says

    Why is this trailer out now if H20 Delirious already made 2 videos of him playing the game

  39. Alex Vostox says

    What up everybody this is Cr1TiKal…..

  40. Thy 72eaper says

    Not interested. Not really into the supernatural side of horror games.

  41. Slender Man says

    Does anyone know if there will be threats in this one? Or is this game another haunted mansion like the layers of fear 1

  42. Quan Green says

    I thought Candyman was about to pop out of nowhere

  43. Азазину понравится

  44. Rodimus Prime says

    candyman is back!

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