LEAGUE OF LEGENDS – Movie All Cinematics Trailer (2019)

  1. Raven Horneja says

    Jhin is my favorite

  2. klyn cagalawan says

    16:54 ??

  3. klyn cagalawan says

    Elementalist Lux:Look within your self what do you see
    Me:Look within your wallet what do you see????

  4. bubble buu says

    8:40 infinite stone

  5. sara hadab says

    Who s 10:40?

  6. Mark Escotido says

    16:54 ??

  7. Rajesh Yh says

    The big guy is look like balmond in ml 1:34 see

  8. Sao says

    Their CGI is and always was so incredible …

  9. PowerOn YT says

    i was today years old when i realized LOL meant League of Legends

  10. Kay Laurence says

    I thought jinx had blue hair ?

  11. victorgabriel ferraz446 says

    Whats Song?

  12. Leeford Echavia says

    Thts not mobile legends its LOL LEAGUE OF LEGEND

  13. BorakCx says

    29:00 make a movie please!

  14. SAB FLORES says

    тнє єƒƒє¢тѕ ιѕ ѕσσ gσσ∂

  15. itz Valken plays Vain says

    Is this real? Or fan-made?

  16. Ianthe Beyonder says

    What the f*** its so damn cool

  17. Sally Castillo says

    29:25 crystal maiden?

  18. Hi lel says

    noooooooooo why jax died

  19. sangeorzbai2016 rustimaria says

    I love this movie.And the boy

  20. land miu says

    Có đấng của Vàng , thua cc nhà tụi m

  21. B Worldwide says

    Nice video m8 ????????✌️

  22. U Know What I Mean says

    I really love the couple heroes..

  23. Thanh Cong Le says

    ys hold the sword the best good

  24. Maria Vilma Gilman says

    If you play mobile legends like this comment

  25. Edward Grupo says


  26. Rolando Alvarez says

    I thought ryze is kratus

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