LEGO SHAZAM Trailer (Animation, 2020) DC Superheroes Movie

  1. Brian Kebabe says

    The only Lego character i love the most is Batman

  2. Valdemar Jorgensen says

    you need to be this fucking high lmaooooo

  3. Wesley Leong says

    Ah yes, let's make a movie that nobody asked for or wants.

  4. Cool Film Movies says

    So, they got rid off good movies in the lego movie series and went back to this. I get that this way is cheaper to make, but it feels like a commercial instead of a movie. The lego movie series didn't.

  5. Ben Kirby says

    This is… I think this… I… uh…

  6. Caleb Hernandez says

    This is how they are going to bring up black Adam 😂😭😭

  7. Liam dabrowski says

    this is the first lego movie that looks like shit

  8. Gatex 33d says

    They went back to this style? I will miss the well made Lego movies…

  9. Jesus Santiago Dominguez says

    Oh yeah

  10. let the truth be told says

    Cussing in a lego game or movie, nah that's full of crap what a sellout trailer this is

  11. Esther Ndegwa says


  12. Katagelophobia says

    “Sorry kids, you need to be this high to fight me”

  13. Sükänmi Böllzäcck says

    WW2 be like: 0:39

  14. If you compare this to Lego Batman, it looks like a pile of crap that was put together in record time even compared to how much time it would take to make an actual pile of crap.

  15. Johnny says

    great clip my friend ,keep up the amazing content :))

  16. Nguyen Reactions says

    These should be actual mini figs and sets

  17. uwu uwu says


  18. Soti T. Boy says

    i think i just watched the important scenes from the movie

  19. ringslider says

    I already see problems with this film. It's supposed to be a STAND ALONE FILM!

  20. سناء Tt says


  21. Neil Mackenzie says

    When does this actually come out, because I can't find it digitally or on hard copy? Even the streaming sites I use don't have it.

  22. Tower Time says

    This looks considerably worse than Lego Batman.

  23. Daniel Johnson says

    My only disappointment is that The Rock isn't voicing Black Adam

  24. M W says

    No way

  25. Gerardo Rodriguez says

    Warner Bros and DC should make a new Green Lantern Animated Movie with Kyle Rayner Jessica Cruz John Stewart Kilowog and Katma Tui and Arisia Rrab

  26. Gerardo Rodriguez says

    I hope Warner Bros Entertainment make More Mortal Kombat Animated Movies in The Future

  27. Fausta Bonola says

    At a time like this!!!! 😱😷🤒☠💀

  28. Teddy says

    0:19 he said Shazam but he didn’t
    Turn back in to Billy now I’m confused 😐

  29. Mc Jethro Pov Tee says

    Edit: at least leave some for the imagination

  30. gamer dude says

    Im first to comment

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