Lego Star Wars – The Skywalker Saga Official Reveal Trailer – E3 2019

  1. Puermilitium says


    this brings a smile on my face.

  2. Lordofshrek 89 says

    Who’s ready for gunship cavalry 2?

  3. oh says

    things the whole community wants from this game:

    •Yoda sounds from first game
    •OG cantina
    •that cool pod racing thing
    •the cool first level
    •the cool level where we meet Han Solo
    •Rancor’s pit
    •Indiana Jones as special character
    •No talking

  4. Daniel Olsen says

    Am i the only person that wants talking in this game? yeah? okay cool i can be different

  5. Daniel Olsen says

    He Protecc
    He Attacc
    But most importantly.. Lego Star Wars Bacc

  6. Oliver Mulligan says

    I believe this game will be released 2020. But still, I'm so excited!

  7. TheMonsterShark says

    Random Person: Talks bad about all of the other lego star wars games (the original, the clone wars, the complete saga, etc.)
    Me and other Lego Star Wars fans: angry grunting noises

  8. FrogNibba says

    Is this the same game from 2005?

  9. Ness_the_robo says

    so literally just complete saga 2

  10. Clowny Leo says

    I’ve been Looking foward to this

  11. The Mr. Man says

    Explain this, atheists

  12. badreedine Djellali says

    I think the are going to make a remake of all old lego star wars games and a new lego star wars game and I think the new lego star wars game is star wars the last jedi

  13. Flame Lord says

    most importantly:NO GLITCHES!

  14. Ar0474 says

    I find it funny that I just find out about this after I purchase The complete saga from the Steam Summer sale!! ?

  15. Owen Ryan says

    who else had the 10x multiplier in the complete saga?

  16. AnDY Der Echte says

    Love this scene 0:25

  17. Kn2ghtsTV says

    Didn’t even know about this….. my childhood is literally getting remastered ?

  18. Vance A says

    Better than Battlefront 2…

  19. Lego Darth maul says

    My scene is the best!!!!!

  20. Bartoš ` says

    Please snoke in charakters

  21. BananaBoy says

    LEGO said this is the biggest Game they've ever done …

  22. BananaBoy says

    I hope Lego makes a open world and when I mean a open world i mean the star wars galaxy 🙂

  23. Rose Ravenclaw says

    Every clone wars fan when they saw the word “films”: Ahh frick!

  24. Voryn the riolu says

    I want the only voice lines to be just the prequel memes

  25. imtheboss says

    Darth maul! Yay!!!!

  26. mooseman219 mooseman219 says

    I hope it comes on ps4

  27. A Dissapointing Salad says

    I olny have a wii

  28. Jacob says

    This is gonna be awesome, fun, and cute!

  29. Woah Woah says

    Can we skip episode 8 lol

  30. Shrek’s Swamp says

    My excitement can’t be put into words

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