Lost Epic – Full Release Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

  1. Leonardo Luccas says

    Hey. How can i put the game in portuguese subs? In PlayStation store says the game have portuguese subs. I can't find. Help!

  2. Muhamad Ramdhani says

    Who is Namie? I just heard that name

  3. Marcel Nugroho says

    Anyone.knows whTs the song??,

  4. Anonymous User says

    Wow…talk about jolted stick figure animations. Very poorly done. This needs a LOT more work, and English dubs.

  5. dustpal says

    Hmm, very little fanfare about this, but looks fun. Probably worth picking it up?

  6. Leonidas GGG says

    I think I rather have the artbook than the game. 😅

  7. Loxyderta says

    Ya même pas de sous titre VF comme indiqué sur le PSN cet du grand N'IMPORTE QUOI pas de vostfr pour le jeux alors que c'est bien indiquer sous titre français

  8. xXLaxus_ says

    Who’s the singer????!!

  9. Rico Dagami says

    Can I play as a male character? Sick and tired of this media promoting famale protagonist all the time

  10. The Tonight Gaming- says


  11. IQ Zero says

    Not in 3D. 🙁
    But i buy it.

  12. Ahh祥 says

    Had it in my favourites but it's disappeared. Seems like not avaliable in SEA region?

  13. Typical GoodGuysClub says

    Bruhhh i thought the price will be the same as salt and sacrifice or cult of the lamb, but this game is quite expensive haha
    Might cop it when it on sale

  14. ana castillo says

    Will the game have subtitles in Spanish or only English?

  15. Lordjervy says

    Nice mobile gameplay

  16. Pourquoi en dématérialisé il sort ce jeu ,on le veux en physique !!

  17. Jon D says

    I played this on Steam, very fun "Dark Souls"-like game, but not quite as hard 😀

  18. Date says

    Come here because of our space girl 🥲

  19. R G says

    characters look like that browser game AdventureQuest but like slightly more details

  20. Spawn says

    Is this dubbed or just subbed?

  21. Gamer God says

    Will this game be in english?

  22. Lewis 1992 says

    No English voices, no purchase.
    It's that simple, devs.

  23. Nahueee says

    Hermosoooo !!! Lo quiero

  24. Derek's Ho corner 2013 says

    From the team who bought you yugioh and dragon ball series

  25. Russell Robinson says

    This isn't Japan only right? Also how much?

  26. DoubleJon says

    I’m really not a fan of this marionette style animation technique. If I took the time to design these characters, I’d be really upset that they ended up moving like this on screen.

  27. arrownoir says


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