LUCA "Friendship" Trailer (2021)

  1. ONE Media says

    Who's in ? 🔥

  2. Cosmic Anonymous says

    He should adapt it as a Netflix series with Luca going to school hopefully the dude who did this reads my comment 🙂

  3. Dingus0 says

    I just had a Luca ad before watching this.

  4. Outro 10 says


  5. Qausar Ali says


  6. TheItalianCheetah says

    I sorta wish it could’ve been Italian actors playing the part of these characters but I’m sure whatever way the studio decides to do it, it will be great. Ciao!

  7. TheShineboxer says

    inb4 not enough POC

  8. Luca Tarticchio says

    What are the chances that Is my name is that movie I was shocked when I saw the trailer 😯

  9. Arts with me says

    God help those who haven't got food today 🙏

  10. Dr Cory says

    Cool movie trailer

  11. Meg Brown says

    When is this coming out

  12. Kaptain Man says

    admit it, Italian people are really kind

  13. Elf says

    The character facial models like a bit unappealing. Looks too stiff.

  14. Soojin Cho says

    My name is Luca lol

  15. Amaan Meer says

    So many good movies coming out this year!

  16. Consuelo Mago says


  17. Amabel Barlow says

    Can't wait to watch this when it comes out.
    I'm really pleased Maya Rudolph is in it, she's my favourite actress.

    I've been to Italy a few years ago and it was brilliant! I went from Florence (the top) to Rome, and then Naples (the ankle of the Boot because Italy 🇮🇹 is in the shape of a boot)

  18. Mister Lion says

    Can't wait for this movie in june!

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