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“Animation Movie” trailer

Official Luck Movie Trailer 2022 | Subscribe ➤ | Eva Noblezada Movie Trailer | AppleTV+: 5 Aug 2022 | More
The unluckiest girl in the world, who after stumbling upon the never-before-seen world of good and back luck, must join together with magical creatures to uncover a force more powerful than even luck itself.

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Luck (2022) is the new animation movie starring Eva Noblezada, Jane Fonda and Simon Pegg.

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  1. Radu Virgil says

    Ideea este ca atunci când treci de partea lui Dumnezeu,nu mai ai nevoie de noroc.
    "Fie mie după Voia Lui Dumnezeu.Amin!"

  2. Xinderella Lee says

    There got to be a sequel 2 years later

  3. JM Domilon says

    But.. we already watch it before

  4. bbygrlpt2 says

    She looks sooo much like Meghan Markle!!!!

  5. Miguel Sanchez says

    Insultingly bad movie.

    Luck is a chance and the will to grab it.

    but they spent 1.5hrs talking about bullshit rules in a rather boring world we seen 1000x before

    Everything always works perfectly fine because people in this world are insanely naive and stupid… wow

    Like when the cat throws away a bunnys keyboard. the bunny aint mad or sad or whatever just accepts it and goes to find a new one.



    the only thing remotely likable was the unicorn and dragon thing but 2 minutes of those doesnt save an awful movie about a little girl we dont really know who "needs luck" so much to get a blend as dry toast token family at the end…………. UGH…………… christ.

    i mean for god sake anything is better than this crap telling kids "if you are unlucky, give up and go home because you cant ever do a thing about it!"

    wow what a fkd up message.

    what a boring movie

    and incredible uncharming cast.

    oh and there is a short movie their logo reminded me of (ye i bet they stole that one) "BLUSH" … now thats worth your time too.

    again: those others are about MAKING your luck and WORKING to improve yourself! now thats a message kids can grow up with.

    this is by far one of the worst movies i ever saw.

    (and yet ppl will fall for the cute animation and stupid trailer<.< now thats unfortunate!

  6. Tommy Jackman says

    The great John Lasseter left Disney and Pixar for this?

  7. Hybrid Miranda says

    So, I'm a professional animator- and it was strange watching this, because the facial expressions were 30-40% underexaggerated. The rendering was GREAT, the models were well-made, the story line was fun- but the facial expressions and body poses just didn't match up to the level of stretch/push you would expect in certain moments (mouths not moving enough during speech, eyebrows not high enough, eyes not wide enough, etc). It was still a pretty fun watch, but it felt as if they hired a bunch of animators straight out of their first jobs, and didn't critique enough. It was an odd experience.
    Still, please go watch it- it's a great family movie. I guess when you become a professional in a certain field, the strangest things stand out to you XD

  8. Sez Den says

    Unexpected beautifully/touchy animation, in all aspects! 👏😘


    Looks entertaining

  10. Angelo Mendoza says

    This would be much better if the protagonist is a male

  11. CinFlo says

    I'm loving this lovie. But, I'm wondering, and I don't mean to sound uncultured, but I thought leprechauns and clovers were Irish not Scottish? Or is it that the black cat is the only one who is Scottish? 🤔

  12. Thomas Duemey says

    My favorite part was when the black cat said "It's lucking time"

  13. 🚩ARYAVRAT 🚩 says

    Best movie 🍿🎥

  14. khalid Almehdar says

    I like the idea the concept is similar to that of “Inside out” not with emotions but LUCK world I love it❤️👍🏼

  15. vcrbetamax says

    Things really are starting to turn around. Every decade spills into the next by a couple years. It’s really nice for the 2010s to be over.

  16. Mayborne's Pastimes says

    Who else thinks that Gerry sounds like Jacksepticeye?

  17. Whaynot# says

    Cool ☺️❤️

  18. zaidi rudy says

    this movie looks like were inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's The cat returns

  19. foxmagicberry says

    I love that song they use for the trailer

  20. Hema Nama says

    she looks like the girl from tangled

  21. ok says

    ok but hear me out

  22. Nariah Mack says

    Loved it

  23. T Joyner says

    This movie was awesome..coming from a grown adult who perfers horrors lol

  24. Jordan says

    Looks good tbh

  25. Funkytrip73 says

    So I watched the entire movie in 2m… damn those trailers these days :-/

  26. jihad abbasi says

    I watched it today,,,totally waste of time,
    Doesn't make any sense,
    But it will be fun to watch for kids

  27. DNC343 says

    Sam Greenfield: exists
    R34 Artists: “it’s free real estate”

  28. Paawan Sharma says

    One of the best movies that I've even seen. Moral of the story was sooooo goodd

  29. Madellyn Pineda says

    Sucks that they don't just send new movies to the theaters anymore… 😒

  30. My vlogs says

    Pls don't watch this movie if u have an iq below Einstein🥴🥴… I watch it and turns our it was my bad luck ….must hv watch something else😡😡

  31. William Clark says

    I really enjoyed this movie. The main character despite having so much bad happen in her life still manages to have a truly good heart. Great message.

  32. Hulusi Ozdemir says

    I've just seen this amazing movie. It was very funny and exciting. Sam, the lead girl is so adorable. Bob, the cat is hilarious. This film deserves to win the oscar for best animation. Unmissable.

  33. that guy says

    I miss my cat….

  34. They are really running out of ideas now

  35. concept X studio says

    this looks horrible

  36. FlipAndLand says

    If the coin contains good luck, how did she drop it in the toilet? That's bad luck.

  37. Kakarot says

    I enjoyed this.

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