Mad Box Ultra High End Console Announced | Aims To 'SMASH' PS5 & Xbox 2

video game console

New ULTRA HIGH END Console is Coming And Aims To ‘Smash’ PS5 & Xbox 2 | Project “Mad box” is coming. Project CARS DeV Working on a Console
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  1. Dealer - Gaming says

    Time flies, as you could tell… i thought i was still in 2018 for a minute there…

  2. rexbk09 says

    Dead idea/investment, May 2019…

  3. Keyila L says


  4. Br Quaz says

    Lol are they ready for project Scarlet

  5. MrSmilesCam says

    I would personally rather have a gaming PC with multiple clients than many consoles (that cost several hundred dollars) with their own services and first-party games.

  6. RoseEmblem says

    If they want a winning combination formula to compete it just needs.

    1)free online
    2)downloadable mods from the game community (Say goodbuy to $50+ seasons passes) to keep you occupied when a games dry.
    3)have some console exclusives if the not very least same or better specs then console

    4)$500 & under pricing
    5)rechargeable controllers that don’t need batteries.

  7. Joseph Kaneaster says

    looks liq cooled

  8. Crinsom Bone says

    I can't wait for the Xbox 2, PS2.2, and Madbox 2

  9. John Power says

    Companies have trying to bring a new console around for years. Some last most fail. We are due for something new and hopefully ground breaking. I miss the 90's when there was something new every year or two. So much excitement back then.

  10. ENuGify says

    Good. Microsoft wants to turn Xbox into a service-based system now so hopefully the Mad box will replace the Xbox and give good competition to sony

  11. Aiden Macleod (Hellraezer) says

    I think "MadBox" is too similar to the "XBox" in name. Maybe they should have named it something more original, like the "PlayBox" or "MadStation" something less obvious.

  12. snowriderist says

    Well what if samsung bought into this then shit will really get real

  13. snowriderist says

    Pc brands have been making consoles for a while if this is what i think this is then do you think itl have a disc drive or somthing new that we couldnt imagien ?

  14. Mohammed Hassan says

    Name Of game in the video?

  15. ZeroX4 says

    music Droid Bishop – Nightland

  16. NEON BLUE says

    I couldn't care less,,,, all that maters is the games,,, and Sony are Kings of games, xbox don't have sht

  17. Chris Stokes says

    I'll waitingfor the soulja boy 2 pro in 2022

  18. KrayzSAINT says

    Good luck

  19. Eugenio DelaCerna Viros Jr says

    Looking forward to how they will compete with console exclusives.

  20. Leon Bennett says

    The mad box that's what's going to happen to your brain

  21. MaD-7000 says

    what name for the game you play it

  22. Phil says

    I think that’s a pretty dope thing it actually functions well

  23. Gaming club55 me says

    Console Google will be out soon.

  24. Skank Hunt42 says

    Next gen is a perfect time to pounce for mad box. Ps and Xbox increasingly focused on a jack of all trades master of none console will lead to their demise while mad box can focus solely on the future of gaming and actually making that leap into something new and fresh unlike ps4 and Xbox games. Gamers will move to mad box and developers will be able to make amazing games on mad box

  25. Gaming club55 me says

    Mad box will beat Xbox 2 and ps5🤔

  26. anthony blake says


  27. Micah Ngawaka says

    May aswell invest in a PC. Controllers are used on them anyways…

  28. vivacewolf9 wolf says

    If u can do things like mod games easy on it like pc that be sick

  29. Zil says

    Launch game will be indie 2D scroller

  30. Bolo Cabrera says

    Booooooo sony is better, microsoft still ok, nintendo still hanging and madbox booooo who cares🤔🤔🤔🤔

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