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Take a closer look at new gameplay updates in Madden NFL 21. Innovative changes designed to deliver authenticity on both sides of the ball include updated pass-rush mechanics, the new Skill Stick ball-carrier system, and more realistic open-field tackling. Go all out in Madden NFL 21 and feel advanced levels of control.

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  1. PRINCETREY says

    looks horrible

  2. MAILE TONGA says

    Bruh when they gonna make Juju Smith-Schuster Madden Cover. They should probably make him next year cause right now hes carrying the team right now thats why they 10-0.

  3. P Y says

    Worst game ever yall terrible. Same garbage every year

  4. Kemar Braswell says

    That is so cool on Madden nfl21 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  5. Kederian Stepo says

    No cap they should put hall of famers in the game

  6. Isaac Grande says

    Your voice makes this look boring

  7. Jahdeen Kool says

    β€œOur goal in madden 21 is to deliver complete control to our players on both sides of the ball”
    Bahahahahahhahahahahahaha good one

  8. Blake DeLoreto says

    Fix your severs ur game is trash

  9. Joe Calandrelli says


  10. NotThatSerious says

    They need to fire whoever’s in charge of the music in madden. plus madden 21 is probably the worst madden ever

  11. D_RockLock says

    Let's go

  12. Jeremy Gatewood says


  13. Heath Vill says

    The only problem for so many years is that it's always one on one tackle, if your going to make it more real you need to add more players on the tackles, NOT one on one.. C'MON MAN! you need to watch more more football on television to get more Ideas, how it's really done… I'm getting tried of more moves on the game every year. Show more of 2 or 3 players tackling on one player.

  14. Datboi_Leroy313 says

    They need to make a 7v7 like how they have mycourt. Gotta be able to compete other ways online

  15. NFLClip2019 says


  16. Kaleb S. says

    This is what u get when E.A. doesn't have a competitor or any other NFL game to keep them on their toes and trying new things OR listening to what madden fans are saying in terms of what they want to see in next year's game, perhaps it would be more realistic if it was geared toward adults but todays games are made so easy to play that really no brains is needed lol

  17. Frank DeCarlo says
  18. Michael Smitt says

    Your introducing nothing new you tools. Stop acting like bringing back old mechanics is β€œinnovation” you lazy Wall Street clowns

  19. Ron Burgundy says

    Your game is trash

  20. Jimbo Jim says

    Game is trash. Dont buy.

  21. j strand says

    EA sports Good job you made another crappy game. Oh and by the way throwing Colin Kaepernick in there to try to make everyone forget how crappy your game is. And making him one of the best players even though he's one of the worst quarterbacks of all time get woke Garbage of a game

  22. PhantomSailor says

    Defender at 3:08 breaks 2 blocks at once and the O-linemen just stand there…. this isnt a finished game EA

  23. Eric West says

    There is no control. This commercial is a lie!!!

  24. Bub Zilla says

    If you are white you will have to pay extra 10 and if you are not white it will be free

  25. Anthony Kish says

    How many ea employees were told to like this?

  26. #JulioJones 11 says

    I lose games due to poor peer connection – my online record is 18-21 whereas in reality it should be 21-9. Until Madden fix it's glitches, I am not going to buy the game.
    We should take a stand to not buy any more Madden games until they fix the glitches and bugs inside the game.

  27. TomZyrone says

    Haha haters. This has more likes than dislikes πŸ˜‚

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