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Go All Out in Madden NFL 21 with innovative gameplay mechanics that offer advanced levels of control and inspire creativity on both sides of the ball. Feel all-out control with the new Skill Stick ball-carrier system, dominate the edge with fresh pass rush moves, experience more open-field realism with tackle improvements, and have more fun with user-controlled celebrations.

Pre-Order Madden NFL 21:
Play 3 days early with the MVP Edition beginning August 25, 2020, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.



    Bro on the opening lamar run he was short of the goal line and they called it a touchdown

  2. Gülay Inanmisik says

    Available on ps4 & xb1 8.25.20

  3. classic ps2games says

    I love madden

  4. Spottemgottem says

    This is literally every madden

  5. Acente eubanks says


  6. AC-🇲🇽 says

    Worst Madden ever

  7. fall guys channel says

    why do the announcers sound different in the trailer than the game its self???

  8. CamFan says

    Idk if anyone saw but Chase Young is in a Redskins uniform not the football team

  9. AH10T says

    I slid in 21 recently, for the first time in awhile and I can't BeLieve Y'all made Madden disturbingly inappropriate. KEEP ANIMATION, ANIMATION! Forget what Tom Brady says😡

  10. the im-rant show says

    this video could be a good music video

  11. No one Cares, Work Harder says

    Game was and still is straight up garbage

  12. juice9100 says

    Rip John Madden

  13. funkymonkey97 says

    the only thing good about this trailer is the music

  14. Clone Trooper says

    8.5/10 for me cause I’m not dumb and buy the game every year so this was actually new

  15. Timounsgwada says


  16. Trenee Clifton says

    EA sports it's in the game is a lie

  17. Troll Kenobi says

    tbh, if you actually showed effort, you'd probably make way more money that now

  18. Jynxx says

    look it’s madden 22, and 20, and 19 and 18…

  19. WakeUpJoc says

    They Covers way better than the gameplay

  20. Oddie Boy says

    Es about to go buy some likes lol

  21. GLOCK says

    52k dislikes what trash ass game 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. ElevLiam says

    Who's here after Madden 22 was revealed?

  23. Troll Kenobi says

    "You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the past games, not join them!!"

  24. Gemaconda says

    at least the music here was better

  25. maddengking says

    Who's here after watching the madden 22 trailer

  26. Our Dog Halo says

    I just want to look at the like to dislike ratio because Madden 22 trailer is getting likes

  27. Aus m says

    This sucks

  28. Steagles fan 568 says

    Lets see how Many dislikes 22 will have LOL

    Lets go for 100k


    I came back here to put a dislike again

  30. DSG says

    they should do an option where you have to actually move the stick to sim the ball or something

  31. 🌟Wolfy🌟 says

    Ok but like jack harlow

  32. Ege Yüksel says

    52 b dislike kemal abi

  33. Kenneth Williams says

    well this aged well

  34. Efren says

    Madden hasn’t been good for over 10 years 🤣🤣🤣

  35. ToplessOreo22 says

    The dislike to like ratio shows how everyone feels for the copy and paste empty content. Will consider buying in a few games if anything’s changed but until then, a company that cares and puts depth into their game like 2k can have my money

  36. The Goose With No Name says

    I don't like football and I have never played it, but I will dislike this to help the community. EA has always ruined franquises, and I see in the comments that this game was lazy to made as well. I hope EA some day realises that quality is more important than just "making" games for fan boys who always buy the same game every year

  37. Sawyer Hogsed says

    Why do people hate on this so much

  38. Thicc Boiz Gaming says

    Everyone talks about how fifa’s the same but I don’t see how this has changed.

  39. Chad Brosky says

    Love this madden 20 trailer

  40. Chad Brosky says


  41. MitoGaming says


  42. Thomas Yongo says


  43. WildCardRecorder 1 says

    we all knew this day was coming, madden 22 will be worse

  44. GAMING WITH CJ 2018 says

    Well just got this game yesterday its it any better then madden 16 though because i like madden 16

  45. Antares Grim says

    I don't know why this gets all this dislikes but i hit dislike button tho, because this video reminds me of FIFA 21.


  46. Footballcrazy8475 says

    Fix franchise

  47. Dylan Conner says

    Half my offense got injured in the first quarter it stupid

  48. Obama says

    Wanna know why you got more dislikes than likes it's because you make the shittiest football game there is that's why you don't want 2k to make a football game

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