Maneater | Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. Sarah Darpino says

    This game is epic!!!
    I just beat it plus the dlc and I want more. It is genuinely the most fun I've had in a long time. It's easy enough but also challenging enough for anyone to play it. It's so much fun to be a shark and just well…. BE A SHARK WITH EPIC ABILITIES!!!!!! I played the old jaws video game on ps2 back in the day and this is that but perfected. The controls are awesome, the gameplay is phenomenal, the story is enjoyable, and the graphics are beautiful. Give me more of this. Give me more content for this game!!!!!

  2. 🔥Dancing Rex🔥 says

    I hope there is a game similar to this but as an alligator or a crocodile

  3. I love this game I keep playing this game

  4. The OOF says

    this kinda looks like shark bite from roblox

  5. 9A Films says

    The voiceover is by Jerry from Rick and morty

  6. Shelley Seemayer says

    I so want this to be a movie…and also an app release I can play on my tablet.

  7. Dart the Xenomorph says

    The song in this is one of the very few I’ll never get tired of listening to

  8. TooDankBro says

    A great summer game 🌊

  9. Dominic Cobb says


  10. AA TS says

    Since you douchebags deleted my steam review here it comes again
    If you dont have a controler it becomes the most covoluited hot piece of garbage you can play. unplayable but fun to watch

  11. César Rodrigo says

    Hungry Shark xd

  12. Yasuo the unforgiven says

    Man it would be cool if they made a sequel to this game, but this time you play as a Tiger set in colonial India or even future sunderbans (where it's villages are flooded and the mangrove forest are polluted with human waste).

  13. BadRooster says

    00:55 left hand is gone then a few seconds later its back to being his right hand.

  14. Double says

    lol jerry finally got a job.

  15. M. X. says

    American concept of making videogames is all about killing and destruction. Zero originality. All games feel the same.

  16. Gamer of the year says

    Free game week let’s go

  17. Cartoon Central says

    The perfect game for Shark Week.

  18. Richard Pyle says

    Yo the voice over guy is hilarious

  19. Jayden Wolste says

    What the song for dat?

  20. 288GTO100 says

    Humanity will never come close to the esoteric purity of sharks…My girlfriend thinks her asshole is haunted…Might be COVID…Probably Hunter Biden.

  21. XPS says

    Only trash

  22. Dávid Bíró says

    Imagine Maneater series with crocodiles, snakes, tigers or eagles. :O

  23. RED SEA GAMING says

    Finally I get to play as Jaws

  24. Tim O'Neill says

    You know what would be cool, a game just like this but with dinosaurs, you go back millions of years and you play as a dinosaur and eat and kill things, till you’re the biggest baddest predator around!

  25. Sandvich123 says

    Hungry shark evolution 18 plus

  26. Damian S says

    Love it its on game pass

  27. thewaffle003 says

    The Sharknado of video games.

  28. Grayson Crockett says

    OMNOMNOM The Game

  29. Focused Fighter says


  30. MoonEyes Plays says

    What's the music in the background, I asks?

  31. Unga Bunga says

    people hearing jerry but im hearing cyril figgis

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