Mario Golf: Super Rush – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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The Mario Golf series returns to home consoles for the first time since 2003. Putt your golfing skills to the test in Mario Golf: Super Rush!

Enjoy golfing with familiar Mushroom Kingdom characters along with newly added features such as Story Mode, multiplayer modes like Speed Golf, and much more!

Available June 25th, preorder today!

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  1. AllMyLoveAlways 2HIM says

    I can’t wait to get my new Mario golf super rush to come soon on the Nintendo switch It’s an easy game.🧔🏻‍♂️👩🏻

  2. Rovert gamehead says

    I was never into Mario golf but it looks like It got a total upgrade.

  3. Fans says

    MARIO GOLF!! Who has all star clubs for every character, I do!!!

  4. Christopher Sewell says

    Ghost rider exray superman fushion adhere ghost matrix auiet gourde it hurt hitting me hammer light engery wants posture trailer bang mat low a gold digger

  5. Christopher Sewell says

    🃏 Arkham how to put it on want pandor coin Amazon Wayne daddy security al l key 🔐 war home bush two Australian family guy

  6. Christopher Sewell says

    Clown 🤡

  7. Christopher Sewell says

    Decline sorry voice in everyone blue red west Africa girlfriend daughter Jesus Gramha nanny house move Bloomfield time

  8. Tyrisha Smith-Grady says

    How cute Mario!!!!!! ❤️🥰😍

  9. Michelle van den Bergh says

    best game ever

  10. Power Jr Arsenal says

    Who is watching this the day this game come out

  11. deion greenaway says

    😒 sorry I not use my myself from 3ds as in story mode

  12. WhyCantWeBeFriends? says

    No third click for accuracy = no buy

  13. ruegen says

    0:48 she almost had a voice crack there

  14. Sebastian S says

    I know it wont happend but I'll say it anyway: steam pls

  15. nop shifter says

    I want the game grumos to jump in to this

  16. Lesage Chavannes says

    I thought mario died in march 31 2021

  17. Solo Falta 10 Dias Para Entrar El Golf Mario Golf Super Rush Gran Estreno Viernes 25 De Junio A La 9 De La Noche En Nintendo TV

  18. Sus Bruh says

    Finally, after 7 YEARS!!

  19. 🌸Princess Peachie🌸 says

    Pretty excited that I pre ordered Mario golf

  20. Winter says

    I love Pauline shes here to stay ❤️

  21. Erin Cordova says

    When does it comes out

  22. EscapingTheRealWorldGamer says

    Must score a

    Perfect Shot.

  23. foxgloves321 says

    Lol motion controls.

  24. RedsterTheGamer says

    This is one of the few times you see Mario without his gloves.
    Others include:
    Mario & Sonic 2020: Water events(swimming, surfing, etc.)
    Mario Odyssey: Mario in his boxers.

  25. gnarvegan says

    Should come out June 20th just sayin

  26. Enzo13 says

    I’ve been waiting for a new Mario Golf game for years!

  27. Txawjhlub Lao says

    Wth. We need the 3 hit style. We need it to be harder for us veterans

  28. Client ABSC says


  29. HDTomo says


  30. pdawgg says

    Look, a Mario Sports game that's actually unique and fun, haven't seen that in a while, probably gonna save up and get it launch day

  31. thatspineappletastic says

    Ok this just took wii golf to a whole nother level

  32. LV7. GOD says

    Lame.nintendo do better

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