Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion | Official Trailer | Disney+

“I’m the last person standing between them and what they really want.”

Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion, an Original series, streaming 2023 on Disney+ .

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  1. Yuri A Jones says

    It's refershing to see (via the comments) that many other fans of the MCU dislike the constant comedy used in recent movies/series, and appreciate a real, intense action movie. More grit, less laughs.

  2. Cool-Kicks 👟👟 says

    Now that's more like a marvel stuff. 👍🏻👌🏻

  3. Abdul says

    finally nick fury sir ko main character wali series mil hi gyi

  4. ABI EDITZ says

    Plz get the iron man back 🙏😔

  5. Sayyoufunny💕 says

    Sam looks so tough

  6. invasion and "ПОСТОРОННИМ ВХОД ВОСПРЕЩЕН(ENTRANCE ONLY FOR STAFF(it was russian language))"??? Was that reference to going problem rn??

  7. Ananthan Rajeevan says

    please don't ruin this

  8. James Melody says

    This looks great – but DisneyMarvel still has plenty of time to screw it up

  9. Nestor Piñon says

    Por qué todo lo quieren hacer serie

  10. Anirudh R says

    At last I can rest peacefully

  11. MUMMA_JESUS says

    This is the marvel I know and love, welcome back.

  12. Brendan Mahoney says

    This should be a movie….

  13. Elriesel Elriel says

    Il n 'y a de salut en aucun autre; car il n'y a sous le ciel aucun autre nom qui ait été donné parmi les hommes, par lequel nous devions être sauvés. (Acts 4:12)

    – Only Jesus Christ is our eternal life. Repent, The LORD Jesus is coming soon.

  14. Jai Balan says

    Samuel L. Jackson is an insult to black men. He has to stop privilege hogging every role offered to him to satisfy the box office.

  15. OhSoVegan says

    Oh great. Another amazing character Disney will destroy. Loving it.

  16. Tofiq says

  17. رائع 👍😘

  18. wickywills says

    Yes! This is more like it. Was beginning to worry for the state of Marvel since Endgame. More like this.

  19. Darth Parallax says

    "This is my war alone"?


    "I just can't afford Tony Stark anymore."

    Ahhhhh the truth comes out.

    It is dumb dumb to have someone who founded a team of heroes talk like he's the only one that matters or that's left.

    He needs to be rustling up New Avengers: Kate Bishop, She Hulk, Moon Knight, White Vision, Peter 2, etc.

  20. Creator says

    I want doctor strange in this movie

  21. Alren Beler says

    i'm so watching this, my slay queen Olivia Colman

  22. SiemensNixdorf says

    Lets hope they don't ruin it with some WOKE LGBTQpeepeepoopoo stuff, as they usually do 😉

  23. sanalalisa says

    im so excited to see emilia clarke again

  24. Andrei Snx23f says

    Marvel, we all want to see how Steve went back in time and left the stones. A 6 episode series (one for each stone) would be brilliant.

  25. Smiritirekha Sarkar says

    This trailler does not make any sense….

  26. Pro Vax says

    She hulk is an abomination… Don't even want to mention Ms Marvel… Comedy comedy comedy.. And now they are gonna introduce Daredevil in shehulk lol!! Daredevil should be in secret invasion instead of She-hulk.

  27. JEEET. entertainment says

    Must be an Indian superhero too 🇮🇳

  28. Shalsa Mauliddya says

    I thought nick fury dead, until i saw this lol

  29. sonal kss says

    I love Marvel forever.
    This is what we want.

  30. Ãrîjît says

    Trailers mean nothing to me
    Give me a solid finished project. My hopes are not very high because lf recent projects

  31. SlimPugThug says

    gotta say, I'm on the fence about the avengers not being apart of this story, back before endgame when I was wanting this to happen I had hope we could see super scroll and scroll Iron man, or skrull Captain america, you know make it a sort of thriller like we see here but with the cast we know and love, I like fury but it just feels bad seeing this is gonna be made to be something that he handles… Dang, will still watch tho.

  32. SyZion Aurifex says

    BROOO calling it rn, Nick Fury is KANG

  33. Crossbones says

    Nick fury is overdue for a show

    My favorite shows so far are Hawkeye, Loki, and moon knight. But this could end up being the best one so far

  34. ANGEL MORALES says

    Where are the screaming goats

  35. the poop monster says

    marvel is so mid lol trash movie

  36. I’ve missed this side of the MCU. The intensity, the realness, emotion..YES!!!

  37. r S gaming says

    Subscribe Karo please

  38. Pyjama Kid says

    FinalllY hollywood is making a show about illegal immigration!

  39. Asupan Quotes says

    Mantab, perfilman dunia, GO go go


    Yes yes the tone is different, but can somebody tell me why they Skrulls are evil?! I thought they were good race in the MCU

  41. Philly Cheesesteak says

    Finally something that’s actually watchable

  42. Junky Basturd says

    No doubt this’ll be garbage

  43. bigoz169 says

    Secret Invasion!!!!! But No Avengers, No Fantastic Four, No Thunderbolts (already established team) and NO!!! X-men which what the whole point of this storyline is supposed to be. OMFG Disney/Marvel after End Game with the exception of Spider Man it has been one disappointment after the other with each one getting worse than the next. Just one little favor Disney/Marvel even though I know you will also screw up Black Panther please give Chadwick Boseman the respectful send off he deserves don't mess that up like Disney/KennedyFilms did with Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia.

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