MARVEL'S AVENGERS "Kamala Khan" Gameplay Trailer (2020) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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MARVEL’S AVENGERS “Kamala Khan” Gameplay Trailer (2020) PS4 / Xbox One / PC
Release date : May 15th 2020
© 2019 – Square Enix

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  1. chaz howard says

    Wouldn't it be cool to have Cap's shield or Thor's hammer work the same as God of War with the axe?!?

  2. royalfresh says

    Not much gameplay in this gameplay trailer

  3. The Persian Gamer says

    I have never met a person that is a fan of ms marvel. Lame character

  4. BM BM says

    I hear Nolan north

  5. HAMZAッ says

    Wtf is this shit

  6. James Kirk says

    They're kinda cute when they're small.

  7. Franco S. Lourençon says

    I'll pass, thanks shao Khan

  8. Sreekanth Vijayakumar says

    Ok luffy

  9. giorgi aduashvili says


  10. EpicPwu™ says

    This could actually be a good story if done right, I know Kamala Khan is the protagonist, but we'll wait and see what's in store.

  11. valcrist666 says

    This looks like trash

  12. charles barkson says

    Is ms marvel really that popular?
    This looks fun tho

  13. GriminalE13 says

    Not keen on playing as an Arab hahaha seriously.

  14. Jordin Ward says

    Knock off Mr. Fantastic

  15. CHRISS NATE says

    Female luffy ripoff

  16. UnderTheKnee says

    Isn't this trailer like a month old, dude…

  17. Cubefield says

    Wtf Mia Khalifa in Avengers!!!! I love it

  18. Zabi SaEiD says

    Luffy female version

  19. SamiG says

    I don’t really remember seeing her in avengers, weird

  20. Khizer Khan says

    She will give hulk a bj in this game

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