MAYA AND THE THREE Trailer (2021) Netflix Animation Series

  1. Antonio Madero says

    Keep dreaming

  2. f c says

    Maya got me watching and liking cartoons. Muy Bueno Mi Gente. El Grito.

  3. GiantDubs says

    WHY? Maya = Guatemala
    and the movie is in Mexico ._.

  4. Garry DA man says

    Animation looks nice, setting is different but, its just the regular girl doesn't like being princess so goes on adventure story just in another setting.

  5. Ana Laura Ramos says

    ahuevooo el cast esta genial👌

  6. Liam Erol Duffy says

    Please be good like the other one and don’t end up like Disney’s woke crap dragon movie.

  7. Maggie Wan says

    Mesoamerican culture hasn't been fully explored in cinema. This just peeked my interest.

  8. DSolarisKnight says

    How come Disney hasn't made a Mayan or Aztecan Princess movie yet? This concept is amazing!

  9. His Infernal Majesty says

    So, which civilization is this? Mayan? Inca? Machu Pichu? Wuhan Covid19 Slumdog?

  10. Ilse Zamarripa says

    Love the art! can't wait.

  11. Ray Lynch says


  12. Shan says

    This movie looks gorgeous I can’t wait to watch it!

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