Meeting Video Game Animals In Real Life (React)

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Meeting Video Game Animals IRL (React)


  1. oceanmermaid says

    7:49 this is so adorable!! the little jumps oh my godd

  2. Rheya Patel says

    Haha I actually have a hedgehog named peanut who’s not the cuddler and loves sleeping a lot but as soon as I’m off to bed it’s wake-up time for her

  3. mammon_yourmomツ says

    Imagine I made them an fan art💀

  4. Sarah Drake says

    So adorable

  5. Constant Zero602 says

    Foxes were introduced to Australia so that lady was wrong about the every continent fact they don’t belong here they are pests the government pays bounties on for killing them!

  6. Sarah Drake says

    So cute

  7. Okeeno Wilson says

    They should do animal stuff like this with the elders😆😩

  8. Kammie's Media Room says

    I want to see a wild dog, with a blue leaf apron! 😀

  9. The Indigo System says

    I was expecting a bandicoot lol

  10. Gana Hussein says

    “He’s only a year old.”
    That is MASSIVE for a 1 year old for what I’ve seen. I haven’t seen much at all

  11. Raeni Irianto says

    Fox?! Wolf?! I'm so jealous of you guys and I just found this video 😖 I like to pet all animals (I even brave enough to petting yellow-lilac snake, idk what's the name, and their skin so soft and a little bit cold) THAT FOX AND WOLF LOOK SO FLUFFYYYY 😭✨

  12. Skennyboy says

    Yo these guys have legs? nah must be edited

  13. Soarin Lightponysnow says

    Just wow totally wow 😯

  14. Lavenderflowers Fall says

    This is that kind of video.

  15. Macey Bond says

    Awww my name's macey

  16. crack cat says

    Donkey kong and diddy kong actualy a gorilas not monkey's

  17. Payton Smith says

    My dad used to live that stereotypical 1970s-1990s lifestyle you would see in movies. I don’t know how to explain it, but whenever he or someone told stories or I was shown pictures from his youth, they reminded me of that nostalgic movie feeling, you know what I mean? Even though he a had really hard childhood and life. But, one of those stories included the time he got a Chimpanzee. When he was 11, he told my grandpa he wanted a dog, but my dad has terrible asthma, category 5, but around this age I believe it was manageable (he spent most of his younger childhood in hospitals or bed rest) and my grandma was a social worker and foster care mother, so she didn’t think it would be smart for the time being. Then Christmas came around, or, 2 days before Christmas, because everyone woke the fuck up in the middle of the night to my Grandpa setting up a cage by the Christmas tree with a fucking Chimpanzee in it. Yes, my grandfather, got my dad and my this dysfunctional family a god damn Chimpanzee, because, how my Grandpa reasoned it
    “Chimpanzees have hair, not fur, so they’re hypo-hygienic, your asthma won’t flair up! And, we can keep him in the cage when we can’t watch after him! He’ll be in the cage most of the time anyways.”
    That Chimpanzee was a fucking nightmare. They only kept it for a week I believe, and while they had it, it screamed non stop, they couldn’t take it out of the cage because when they did the first time it bit my Grandpa, and it constantly threw shit EVERYWHERE. All on the floor, the carpet, the couch, the Christmas tree. I don’t know what they ended up doing with that Chimpanzee, but I know it’s real, because I saw a photo of my dad and his adoptive little brother awkwardly standing next to it in its cage while my Grandpa was standing on the other side of the cage with this stupid shit grin.

  18. Evelyn Velazquez says


  19. Robert E. O. Speedwagon says

    Why is there only 10 comments

  20. The Mac Cave says

    Where is my bandicoot?! I want my Crash Bandicoot! I’m just kidding. They all are so adorable.

  21. Sonia says


  22. EeveeQueen15 says

    The wolf definitely made me think of Wolf Link.

  23. Corrupted434 says


  24. The Travelling Bacon says

    why are there only 2 comments?

  25. Ananya Swain says

    Why can't I find other comments

  26. Andel Williams says

    i know thhat woman i think shes on pet stars

  27. Michael Javier says

    I have a pet heggog

  28. mikomishable1 says

    My favourite girl is Mikaela, in this Replay Channel

  29. Alleya Gould says

    the fox and the wolf were my favorites
    they were so adorable


    I would never own a WolfDog or a CoyWolf they may have domestic dog in them but they are also still wild and if they wanted to they could turn on you I have an uncle who use to own a WolfDog he named him Malachi but Malachi unfortunately got ill and passed away and my mom's boyfriend use to own and breed CoyDogs

  31. Luke Butler says


  32. Sataaa M says

    BRO WHEN SHE SAID "they're like a four year old on crack" I DIED 😭

  33. Destiny Nightstar says

    Temmie yawns
    Me:Now we know the answer to "What Does The Fox Say?" It yawns, lol!

  34. Alex Giles says

    It's not a wolf it's a murder doggo 😀

  35. faze Godzilla noob says

    Imagine if hedgehogs can actually run fast

  36. xgo awayx says

    lmao im 17 and thought wolfs were just myths oop

  37. Nocturo1 says

    was diseepointed Crash bandicoot dident make it but since marsupials dont live good in americn climets maby for the best then

  38. Mariovr says


  39. bratzpak says

    I would love to pet a fox & a wolf! Those are my favorite wild animals!

  40. l says

    “They’re like a 4-year old on crack, with sharp teeth” me:OMG MY LONG LOST TWIN

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