Metro Exodus – The Two Colonels – Inside Xbox Reveal Trailer

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Exclusively revealed by Inside Xbox at Gamescom 2019, check out the trailer for the first Metro Exodus expansion, The Two Colonels here!

And it gets even better – as we revealed the news that The Two Colonels will launch on the 20th August 2019.

Get your hands on the Expansion Pass to get both this and the upcoming Sam’s Story expansion,which is due in January 2020.


Metro Exodus is an epic, story-driven first person shooter from 4A Games that blends deadly combat and stealth with exploration and survival horror in one of the most immersive game worlds ever created. Flee the shattered ruins of dead Moscow and embark on an epic, continent-spanning journey across post-apocalyptic Russia in the greatest Metro adventure yet.

Explore the Russian wilderness in vast, non-linear levels and follow a thrilling story-line inspired by the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky that spans an entire year through spring, summer and autumn to the depths of nuclear winter.

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  1. Brü E says

    I go problems with the game in ps4. Never got the 1.07 update

  2. Den Frost says

    Скорее выпускайте игру в стиме!!!!!!

  3. Frost says

    Finished the game third time today 👌🏻 worth the achievements and new explorations

  4. Амон says

    Вчера поиграл дополнение "Два полковника" на Xbox one X. Очень интересно, но жаль что мало… Кстати, оптимизацию добавили и теперь картинка имеет небольшое размытие при повороте камеры, а не тупо мерцание (изменение картинок) как было. Так плавно получается, приятно глазам. Очень хорошо! Мне понравилось! Жду второе дополнение о судьбе Сэма, которое будет гораздо больше, чем "Два полковника", т.к. во-первых – путь во Владивосток, во-вторых – Владивосток, в-третьих – открытая карта. Сразу купил пакет на два дополнения. Кому не нравится игра Метро, пусть едят жёлтый снег!

  5. shadowbow 115 says

    That DLC good the translations are fucking cool honestly I can't wait for the next one I'm happy to pay for more DLCs because of how good they actually are I just wish they were longer lol

  6. chando blando says

    This game fucking sucks. Voice acting is a fucking joke and npc’s stare is completely lifeless. Feels like I’m surrounded by a bunch of moving dolls.

  7. Reptilebeats says

    looks like the originals, awesome didn't like the open world game play, started getting good at the end when your back in the tunnels 🙂

  8. talib jamal says

    omg we all love metro show us some more dlcs lol

  9. Fairoboi Lawrence says

    This DLC is incredible I’m 15 minutes in and I feel like I’m experiencing the horror and suspense of Metro 2033 it’s a fantastic experience!

  10. ZIm world dee says

    I just played the dlc,and it was a blast.But when i thought this is going the right way,the game was over… 🙁 after all this waiting ,i must say it was dissapointing that it ended right after i started it.its like 30min of gameplay ..Very short..I dont really understand why it was so short.But it was fun(better then no dlc)….well,back to some fishing sim world now then ,and some ride 3

  11. Karapult S says

    Кто соскучился по коридорным стрелялкам , налетай.

  12. Seybinov Aguilar says

    I'm gonna be honest though, I hated this place. The goo, those aggressive af worms.

  13. Civil Protection says

    Will we see smaller DLC missions like in last light?

  14. Che Pearson says

    Is anyone actualy playing this yet?

    Just crashes game to desktop when I launch it and opens the Metro homepage????

  15. Dead Face says

    is this a DLC or a whole new game?

  16. Just All Damn Motorsports says


  17. protiv sistemy says

    Мусоров можно убивать?

  18. U B says

    Why do they speak with the russian accent? It doesn't make any sense. If english substitutes the native language in a movie or game, characters should speak with the accent of the native english speaker.

  19. bloodcorer says

    All those who pre ordered the game on Steam before going Epic Exclusive will be able to get this dlc or not?

  20. Jorge Linares says

    Descargado ya. Voy a fundirle pero ya mismo muchacho. Estoy muy hype. 😅🤣

  21. Jack Rasmussen says


  22. tobexor says

    only rus dub and eng sub it's the only way u can play metro

  23. Nik Leviony says

    Оно сегодня вышла

  24. NorbeeNorbee says

    Now according to everyone, this dlc will blow everyones mind, since they sided with epic to "get more money from selling the game on epic only, thus be able to make better games" We'll see, we'll see…..

  25. Броме says


  26. Просто Тип says

    ЭТО, МАТЬ ЕГО, ОГНЕМЕТ! Это будет весело, очень весело!

  27. Gabriel MZA says

    my gpu is already flinching

  28. Zaozaa says

    а вот и огнемёт, да, сука?

  29. The Legend says


  30. Him PTL says

    мля, в сибе каждый день такая херня, в метро езжу и без огнемёта ну никак, а как из метро выйдешь, так ваще адища!

  31. Balázs Reznyák says

    Wait! He is Miller. Where is the new colonel?

  32. Cyka Blyat says

    I got rid of the game as soon as I did it a couple of days ago

  33. The Legend says

    It supposed to come out today. Cant find the dlc in the ps store

  34. Soviet Red says

    HA, this released EXACTLY one year ago when I pre ordered the game
    20th of August

  35. Георгий Лялин says

    Уважаемые разработчики, пожалуйста, добавьте в игру возможность отключить мёртвую зону стиков на геймпаде.

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