Metroid Dread – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch | E3 2021

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Suit up as Samus Aran in the first new entry of the 2D Metroid saga in more than 19 years, Metroid Dread, launching 10/8.

Continue Samus’ story after Metroid Fusion, exploring a strange new planet alone and hunted by the ominous E.M.M.I.


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  1. Takumi Inui says

    Two weeks bros. We'll be playing this in a fortnight.

  2. Rayan Al-Ballaa says

    This is gonna be sweeeeet!

  3. Jerry Ber says

    I heard the X are back, which means 👁👄👁

  4. GoldenOracle64 says

    It looks good. That much is certain.

    Will it actually BE good, remains to be seen.

  5. Vicat Mauricio says

    This this is nice… But seriously, where’s the new Metroid Prime. That’s all I want to know.

  6. Rafael Estrada says

    I didnt even buy a console to play new Zeldas but Nintendo just convinced me to buy a switch

  7. Isaiah Pagsolingan says


  8. Matthew Frazer says

    This looks horrible.

  9. Jerry Ber says

    Seeing anything Metroid related getting over 1 million views is godsend to me. Samus getting the rightful attention it deserves is 14 years overdue.

  10. baba booey says

    Goty 2021

  11. Gilnord Inc says

    The action, art style and graphics are slick! 👌🏾 I miss Samus's Prime design though. It wasn't flattering at all, but it bolstered her presence (in an intimidating, but necessary way) and added to the mystery of the older titles. But hey, I'm glad we're not getting hours of conflicting monologues and dialogues. cough Other M.

  12. ron says

    :O yes

  13. VisionEffectable says

    The sound design is so satisfying.

  14. phaaze_99 says

    Metroid must be supportet, more than ever and because of that i created a metroid hype video! If u want to get more hyped, check out my short new video! 😀

  15. MrNo1fan says

    That beep beep sound give so much chills.

  16. Eder Silva C. says

    That Metroid guy should join forces with Samus Aran they look from the same division.
    Just saying

  17. Skinnystif says

    Will there ever be a remasterd version of Prime Hunter¿

    Yeah probably not 🙁

  18. NeThZOR Dota says

    Yuzu compatibility Day 1

  19. RandomShinigami7 says

    OK it's at 2 million views. Now let's try to get it to 3 million before it launches. Pretty sure Captain Toad Gamer will be a huge help for that seeing as how he feels the need to keep turning up here every few days…
    Edit: let’s get it to 3 million so we can all laugh at The Ostrich.

  20. midgar 94 says

    2 million

  21. Alex Reyes says

    Finally 2M

  22. GaelRayman1994 says

    2M of views for this trailer ! YEEESS ! 😀

  23. Chris Pratt says

    I was so excited but now that I see it’s in 2D… I don’t even want it anymore… 😭 why’d they get my hopes up

  24. random name says

    Metroid: nemesis

  25. Maritza Urbina says

    Demogorgon stranger things

  26. Tibor Dávid Jakab says

    Metroid Dr. EAD.

  27. RedsterTheGamer says

    Nice Super Metroid reference in the beginning, with the game also being called "Metroid 5" like how Super Metroid's intro also calls the game "Metroid 3." Glad to see they still remember it.

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