Microsoft Flight Simulator – 40th Anniversary Announce – 4K – Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

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Announced today! Microsoft’s longest running franchise celebrates its 40th Anniversary with an expanded edition, coming November 2022.

Also, in partnership with Halo and 343 Industries, an exclusive Halo Infinite Pelican is available today in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This free add-on is included with Xbox Game Pass – get it now!

For the 40th Anniversary Edition releasing this fall, the Microsoft Flight Simulator team is partnering with the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in a one-of-a-kind collaboration. Stay tuned in the coming months for more to come regarding this coveted partnership and enhanced Anniversary Edition.

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  1. sparky says

    About time they added helicopters

  2. Rookie One says

    I'll say it upright : I cried while watching that trailer

  3. Cpunkt Spunkt says

    Beautiful..amazing..unbelievable…love your work guys

  4. No1BRC says


  5. Brady Skye says


  6. SteveDave227 says

    Those giraffes have seen it all. Not even flinching at the rotor wash.

  7. Rafael Albu says

    where's the 14 bis?

  8. CaribbAviator says

    One more week folks!!!!

  9. axy l says

    I can't wait for that

  10. Doug Lippert says

    I can't wait! I bought an RTX3080 just to play MSFS2020 and now THIS update? YES!

  11. CaptainFlowers says

    The pelican just made me want this game

  12. embo320 says

    I'm hyped AF

  13. Erik M says

    OMG. Can't wait for this <3

  14. Scott says

    Why were the moon and stars moving at the same rate as the clouds in the first shot?

  15. Kyran Bennett says

    When’s it coming tho???

  16. MattisHacker12 says

    i cant wait

  17. Galactic Hazaritos says

    To take flight, one of the most joyful experiences.

  18. Sugar Wolf says

    GPU: [Heavy Breathing]

  19. Matthias Grünwald says

    Nice trailer!

  20. Mr.Futures Trader says

    Can’t wait when’s it coming out

  21. Yago Guilherme says

    I'm already looking forward to it.

  22. nicolas dubs49 says

    super tout les ancien avion des autre licence !!!!!!!!! enfin un dc3

  23. Jo B Productions says

    Nice, thats the winter nights sorted then!

  24. YouTube Account says

    How about making the Thrustmaster Airbus setup XBOX X capable please?

  25. kelvin170671 says

    we need AIRWOLF in this game..

  26. Mark Noble says

    1:43 – Pelican

  27. kevininsimi says

    A310 random AF but I'll take it lol.

  28. Colin Dowd says

    Oh, it's 2004 again…

  29. Jack White says

    The original version of Flight Simulator has been around longer than 40 years, before Microsoft ported it to the PC.
    I started playing it around 1985 on the C64, then 1989 on the Amiga.

  30. Eric Laska says

    I'm curious how the Pelican from Halo operates with its thrust vectoring!

  31. THAMER AZEEZ says


  32. Orange Banana says

    If you can get it on Xbox 1, that would be great

  33. MB PM says


  34. Just Willy says

    Inibuilds 310 – for MSFS – for free! Incredible.

  35. SubSoar says

    it’s fine. i didn’t like having any money in my wallet anyway.

  36. ARCADEGHOST says

    Im so happy those iconic historic planes are gonna be released for free!

  37. Junuz96 says

    The music gives me Medal of Honor vibes.

  38. Eduardo Miguel says

    And the 14-BIS?

  39. Jared Eggleston says

    I wish the game looked better on the cloud. Was really disappointed.

  40. EZ Gaming says

    pls Help! I have Xbox App, and Microsoft on my PC. Msfs 2020 Steam edition doesn't Start when pressing "Play". After 10 Seconds again "Play". What can i do?

  41. Leontes Henriquez says

    Wow, all the Flight Simulator 2004 memories 😍

  42. Daniel C says


  43. Peyton Stephens says

    Release the the Airwolf helicopter!

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