Microsoft Flight Simulator Trailer (Xbox One, PC): Microsoft Flight Simulator Trailer from E3 2019

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Microsoft Flight Simulator comes to Xbox One (and PC) in 2020 with “light planes to wide-body jets” in an “incredibly realistic world” with realistic weather conditions, fuelled by satellite data and Azure AI. Between the good looks and the powerful nostalgia hit of a new Microsoft Flight Sim, this might be the flight sim your Xbox One has been holding out for. Subscribe for more new Xbox One games on Outside Xbox, why not?

Microsoft Flight Simulator comes out on an unspecified release date in 2020.

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  1. gamer 17 legend says

    When is flight simulator comeing out on xbox in 2020

  2. Only Gaming says

    I need to know will this run on Xbox one s ??!!?

  3. AJ says

    This is kind of a stupid question but would it be possible to make a flight simulator setup on Xbox?
    I’ve always played on console, but really wanted a flight simulator and setup… with this releasing soon, I was hoping it might be possible to build a console flight sim setup.
    Please let me know!

  4. Reshma Randive says

    is this game for Xbox One S

  5. WillzWill says

    How will flight simulator work on Xbox Especially with just using a Xbox controller?

  6. Killie Blue & White says

    I can’t wait for this game, but will there be the likes of Easy jet, Flybe, British Airways and loads more. Also can you park the aircraft into the airport Terminal and allow passengers off the aircraft. I also wish that their is different roles such as being a Pilot, steward or Cabin Crew, and Air hostess so it shows us a daily routine on and off a plane. Maybe add Camera mode in so you can screenshot the sights and Airports or planes. Can you see inside the airport and stay overnight in a hotel before a next day start depending on what time you’re needed for example 5:00am start in the morning and you can walk around almost like train sim world. Honestly this game could be the best flight simulator game ever made, so it’s definitely worth adding loads to make this game the most realistic game brought to life/screen in 4K.

  7. Hieuoy says

    Getting my shit ready for this big boi

  8. Rob Fermoyle says


  9. Nikko 925 says

    This really brings back memories as a child playing Flight Simulator on Windows 95. My dad bought me a joystick from a garage sale and somehow I figured out how to install it and make it work. I’m a grown man now and I don’t get excited about video games much anymore but this is definitely a day one buy for me. About time πŸ™πŸΌ

  10. R34 Fanboy says

    E3 2030: simulator simulator

  11. Erick O says

    I am currently taking part 141 flight school. I plan to buy on Xbox just for this application. Sorry PS4, its a fail for you this time….

  12. sevenrats says

    I'm wondering if it would be ok on the controller or better with a joystick or a yoke? I play Forza (a lot) and use a wheel even though I know that people say that forza is optimized more for the controller. Driving a car just needs a steering wheel. Planes though I'm not sure if will matter that much. The controller is just a small joystick after all. Any thoughts?

  13. Bill Jansen says

    What's the actual release date for this???

  14. rockwjz says

    I cannot believe we are FINALLY getting a console Flight Sim… I am beyond stoked.

  15. Flossie Tube says

    I want one!!!

  16. Hessel Bouma says

    Why isn't ship simulator a thing?

  17. Sky173 says

    I'm definitely looking forward to this as long as:
    – independent developers can allows us to install their creations (free and/or payware)
    – all scenery can be installed locally and not downloaded as we play.
    – there is no subscription fee to play online (there never was before, so why charge now)

  18. Braedon Lettman says

    This looks like a very fun game. Do you need the game pass to play this game or can you play without the game pass? Also can this game be found in video game stores?

  19. Th3Hav0c PZ5 says

    wait i can play this on XBOX?

  20. Lil Doodle says

    Hopefully you can't go 450 knots in a hot air balloon..

  21. Lefty says

    Does anyone know if there will be ATC?

  22. C B says

    Will you be able to play this with a normal controller or will you have to have a joystick and pedals and all that stuff?

  23. Asmat Asar says

    Can we play this on xbox 360 please reply me quickly

  24. I dont got handles says

    Fucking finally!!

  25. Taracinablue says

    Huh. That looks really pretty, actually.

  26. Lauri Virkkunen says

    I don't have a PC anymore since I changed to a laptop. I do have Xbox one though. I tried to find out using Google, but how are you supposed to play this with Xbox One? Will you be using the normal controller to control the planes? I need to check if I could use a joystick with Xbox One..

  27. dave dave says

    Take my πŸ’°πŸ˜„

  28. Darren Murphy says

    Questions that must be answered.
    – Does flight simulator work on a regular 500gb xbox one?
    – Does flight simulator need xbox live to be able to even fly in the simulation?
    – will HD graphics cause the frame rate to lag?
    – Are there add ons in the game to cause the simulation to look as good as the trailer?
    – Does this work for xbox one s?
    – Can you get flight simulator without an xbox on game pass?

    My dream of an HD flight sim to come to xbox has gotten my hopes up high. I just hope that my xbox one s is compatible with this beautiful simulation.

  29. XhizorBE says

    I'm not even a fan of the previous games like these. But holy shit this looked just so real and i'm hyped. The ambiance in this game looks so appealing

    I was fan of euro truck in the past, but the environment looked all so generic and dull. But here they even put giraffes in it. The amount of detail its really amazing

    Will first try it with a controller, but within two day's i'm pretty sure that there will be a joystick on my desk :p

  30. sb studio99 says

    Osm game
    It's like real great graphics amazing game. …πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ’ŸπŸ’”πŸ’žπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’˜πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’“πŸ’”πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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