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Free update available today! Experience the exquisite landscapes, intricate cityscapes, and breathtaking vistas of the United States in the latest free World Update.

Explore the renowned canyons of the desert Southwest, roam through the storied architecture of America’s great cities, and soar among majestic peaks that tower miles above their surroundings with Microsoft Flight Simulator’s World Update X: United States. The Microsoft Flight Simulator team built World Update X using the latest high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery available. The update features enhanced modeling of 12 urban regions, including San Diego, Albany, Key Largo, and Seattle, and includes four handcrafted airports, 87 custom points of interest, and 9 new activities: three bush trips, three fresh discovery flights, and three new landing challenges.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now for Xbox Series X|S and Windows PCs with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, and for Xbox One and the devices you already have via Xbox Cloud Gaming:

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  1. Zaxarian says

    It’s amazing I remember being little all we had was wire frame graphics

  2. Mybones29 says

    Nice job but you spelled Tennessee wrong

  3. Ateri Kasedi says

    Yess Los Angeles ! Wait me Gta V places:)

  4. rebe01 says

    I'm blown away that Bok Tower was included. Totally unexpected, and very much appreciated!

  5. 737Playz says


  6. Siari TV says

    Wish that xbox will support Albania Soon (xbox cloud etc)

  7. SkiJumper19 says

    Ngl they should do Canada next

  8. David Muscalus says

    do you hire aerospace engineers?

  9. b 0 t t i n i says

    More planes that go nnnnnyyyaaaaaaooooooonnnnnnnnnn !

  10. Riff Bear says

    Wow. Just, wow.

  11. PudWhacker says

    My pc don't meet the minimum requirements but I'm still playing it haha

  12. Gaming Beast says
  13. John Wick says

    Lags and crashes down on XSX since update this game runs not longer smooth.

  14. Jg235 says

    New vehicle type should be UFO because I want to travel fast and then hover to observe in detail certain landmarks.

  15. ECross Photography says

    What about las vegas?

  16. musk8 says

    They made Los Angeles faster than rockstars could.

  17. musk8 says

    Shows ever state besides the east

  18. Leandro Venturini says

    We need Iguazú falls update!!!!

  19. cincybama guy says

    Awesome. Would love to see Cincinnati get some love tho. 😊

  20. Nicola Servo says

    look amazing

  21. Bradley Wiedemann says

    Thank you micro soft for the up date. Can we plz get some updates around the pensacola area? We have the home to the Blue angles and the cradle of naval aviation. We also have have the best beaches.

  22. Carsten Sommer says

    Thumbnail saying 9 new planes not in this video.

  23. Dii h says

    I love!!!

  24. CyberVinLouis says

    I want to buy an xbox just for this game

  25. Humble says

    I hope to not only visit these places in flight sim, but in real life too

  26. Virtualmix says

    Please model KPAO airport for the Bay Area pilots 🙂

  27. esmokebaby says

    I just can't wait for helies

  28. Everything Videos says

    Get that pride profile pic outta here

  29. X averius says

    Bellisimo 🙂

  30. David Delgado says

    Now bring back Meigs field 🙂

  31. Kjell E Gramstad says

    Microsoft sure on the right track…werry good 🙂

  32. Nemesis One says

    HELL YEA MS NICE JOB!!!!! KEEP EM COMMING 07 who ever thought that MSFS would ever become something AWESOME like this 1995 lol my first MSFS experience been there the whole trip

  33. jdorty33 says

    You spelled Tennessee wrong.

  34. Ed Dwert says

    Now do Perry’s monument in ohio

  35. Bradley Dominik says

    Nice. Now please go and ADD AI TRAFFIC!!!!!!

  36. El Newbie says

    Can you add long Island to NYC? Would love to fly over Jones Beach 🤩

  37. Xbox NERD says

    Can't wait to get back to this game

  38. 1017 Gang says


  39. Anna L says

    WHY NOT CANADA! for goodness sake you do every country then do USA again 🙁

  40. Chase Sansone says

    Killin’ it MSFS!

  41. Jacob Setser says

    I’m just amazed to even see Charleston make it into this update lol, that’s where I live and it’s pretty much off the map

  42. Rebeldoctor says

    I'ma try copy this and just end up crashing

  43. Jotaro Vascaíno says

    Até agora tô esperando um World Update do Brasil , em vez disso lançam outra dia Estados Unidos

  44. Encrypted says

    Nice when are they gonna do canada? And south america?

  45. BigMT9022 says

    Now can I just download the game instead of stream it in my Xbox one X? Its so frustrating when controls don't respond

  46. Michiah Rice says

    Hopefully they can add Idaho

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