Minecraft Village & Pillage Update Launch Trailer

  1. Adam Elkhairy says

    Love the bare bones texture

  2. adolwal fcol8 says

    Como dijo squickx hagamos volver MINECRAFT

  3. Rift Time Studios says

    0:45 Right there

  4. 池田さとみ says


  5. Zanna Bande says

    I will gonna like this Update

  6. ELECTROLL 78 囧 says

    ALEX :V

  7. F8 Clipz says

    Anyone else saw the blue redstone?

  8. CindyBearシンディベア says

    Wish villages would be like that in the acually game

  9. Yash Fofaria says

    Fortnite: well we’re the most popular

    Minecraft: UNO REVERSE CARD-
    -neather update
    -village and pillage update
    -update aquatic

  10. Wellington Fodão says

    Se Minecraft fosse assim ia ser muito

  11. RJ FunShow says

    Background: kazoo

  12. Nana Poochie says

    Bets trailer ever

  13. Mapи Ava says

    Кто здесь русский😭😂??

  14. Sponge bob [버트] says

    블루위키타고 여기로 건너옴

  15. Vlad Savvinov says

    Русский я !!!

  16. Bluegamer Boi says

    I love this trailer

  17. C4keCkiSk says

    XBОX 360?

  18. Diana Velázquez says

    0:19 the dancing cat

  19. mariya butko says

    I’m start building the city in Minecraft

  20. Arya Labib says

    Lets go back to minecraft

  21. ThePurpleMario says

    Release trailer for every platform must NOT be the same. It makes the game trailers more unpopular.

  22. László Bencsik says

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