Minecraft was the Greatest Game EVER…

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Minecraft was literally the best game ever created, this simple but complex game touched many hearts. How is Minecraft in 2019? today we take a look at it… This video features heavy nostalgia!

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  1. nothing makes me happier than seeing people like on this video

  2. avenque says

    8:36 u forgot to add doni

  3. yubster5 official says

    Wdym it was the best game its still the best game

  4. SNS gaming says

    Me too

  5. Hey Dude says

    Ummm 2009 is when Minecraft released

  6. Jeffery Rogers says

    Xbox addictionZ is still alive

  7. CrazeRunner says

    I started playing Minecraft around 2012 and I never really stopped. Sure, I also experienced the times when the other kids said it was stupid and dumb etc. but I never really made anything of it. I am close to my early 20s, and Minecraft has never lost its charm to me. I keep playing this game and am not planning to stop any time soon

  8. fluffy and friends says

    i will always miss the very first minecraft

  9. Galaxystar says


  10. eeveemaster221 says

    I first started to play minecraft since round 2016 and played it even around the Fortnite craze i stuck with Minecraft and always will

  11. Koopa Troopa Gaming says

    Keyword WAS

  12. Heisenberg says

    If you think Minecraft is the greatest game of all time you’re probably 9 years old or you’re blinded by nostalgia

  13. D4RK G4MERZ MC says

    was not IS

  14. SHEEP BANK says

    Minecraft just get better and better

  15. aija galkina says

    I was playing minecraft while watching this

  16. Zoeyl Slae says


  17. Captain Warhead says

    I miss my childhood

  18. Robby Sean Beli-ot says

    minecraft started on a emulatore ig

  19. Cheeky wario says

    Bro you sold an entire game console and all of your games for that game console for seven dollars?

  20. Goodbye technoblade says

    When was Minecraft not the best game ever

  21. Danijela Jovanovic says

    Hello new 1.19 ubdate is comlete on tlaucher aka Minecraft new mobs biomes achievement and new bloqs you need to try it


    make a video on SONIC THE HEDGEHOG

  23. TheDiamond Fred09 says


  24. random guy says

    Oh lord, I always used to play minecraft, now I’m on roblox I think I started in 2019 or early 2020.

  25. StupidK1d says

    its still the greatest and best selling game

  26. lochlan says

    Fortnite lame Roblox medium Fallout 4 high Minecraft amazing😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  27. What is this says

    I haven’t even finished my childhood and Minecraft is already nostalgic for me. (For a while my mom didn’t let me go in electronics for 2 years bc it was dead) but I’ve been getting back to minecraft

  28. Maja Marjanovic says

    I still play MC
    But bro,you could have gotten FNAF for 3 bucks,and you could have also still gotten MC+FNAF

  29. Maranza says

    You can tell this game is the best cuz it’s my first time watching this video and when it popped up after I just had tiped : why mi

  30. Green Raptor boy says

    Minecraft is the best game

  31. Axolotl says

    Honestly, I think Microsoft as a big corporation is kind of ruining the base game. Now when you want to play Minecraft on your phone or tablet, you would get "Minecraft Bedrock Edition" In fact they named it only "Minecraft" even though it was basically a re-release of the original – better version of the game. In Java you could just get mods for free and have a good time. But in Bedrock there would be a "MARKET PLACE" where you get trashy mods for "Minecoins" Which you could ONLY get through microtransactions. This version of Minecraft has a lot of bugs and errors, and still they demonstrate this VERSION as the base game / main game. This is such a terrible move from Microsoft. This is what started the Bedrock vs Java war, but we know in the bottom of our hearts what version started it all, what inspired and still is the wonderful game that Minecraft is.

  32. Steve boxer says

    am bored of mincraft roblox is my new favoret good bye mincraft

  33. Typhoon Haiyan says

    Minecraft is soo fun but u know whats fun to watch? A woman getting killed by the tornado she got flung 1.5 miles away from the tornado and i love that because i hate woman:) i know. Im sexist because boys are soo fun, cool music, all of the boys are memes, more:) minecraft is fun but watching a woman getting flung 1 mile by the tornado? 10X MORE FUN THAN MINECRAFT SHEESH!!!!!!!!!

  34. Michaela Hingpit says

    Old DJ Cook: I love troling in minecraft😈! New DJ Cook: Today we are cleaning yt!

  35. ٴ says

    According to me minecraft is a kids game 🤓

  36. ٴ says


  37. FunWith TikTok says

    I still play Minecraft. Its the perfect game ever

  38. angelcatYT says

    The cost now is $10 on iOS – $35 dollars on pc

  39. angelcatYT says

    happy cat noises
    This is my childhood

  40. Angelo Enanoria says

    I mean minecraft

  41. Angelo Enanoria says

    I love minecrft

  42. Frost dragon says

    Well to say Minecraft pocket edition can be downloaded on chrome browser for free 😅
    My family wasn't that rich at the time so I when I found this out I was soo existed🤩

  43. Torcher Fire says

    No WiFi? Take off the wifi on phone: simple

  44. Łukasz Stępień says

    Minecraft is the best

  45. Łukasz Stępień says

    I agree

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