MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Fatalities Trailer (2019) PS4/XBOX ONE/PC

  1. John Tony says

    Dope I was stuck watching this keep it up bro

  2. sentry athlete says

    I don’t remember subscribing this but maybe I’m going to get the game

  3. Biff_McDouche says

    My god. Just when you think they're fatalities couldn't get anymore brutal. ?

  4. ViolentIce2013 says

    Edit your title. Its incorrect. MK11 is also on Switch

  5. Derty Deeds says

    In mortal Kombat XL the fatalities are more realistic. And wheres Kitana and Milena? Only 2 Womens, THIS sucks

  6. Big Dee says

    this game looks stupid like all of the MK….

  7. AZAZEL 13 says


  8. Lawa Croft says

    “You’re next” well nah thx

  9. rad dynasty says

    Seems they made scorpion a punching bag

  10. ??? says

    Sonya esta vieja :"v

  11. Mythiel says

    MKs logo always reminds me of hell kitchen.. Oops

  12. gokuandmario4ever says

    Good fucking lord, this makes even MKX look tame in comparison.

  13. Supreme Senpai says

    That skorpion fatality at the end is so badass

  14. tharoth rong says

    why am i feeling gross

  15. axps6457 says

    No Skarlet make it rain :((((

  16. mortal kombat777 says

    Deadpool for DLC character

  17. Screw The Net says

    ITsa tad low quality for some reason, but even if it looked better, the graphics quality of games in the modern console era just fell short of where they could have been.

  18. Juan Gonzalez says

    FINISH HIM !!!

  19. Pedro Cruz-Vargas says

    These fatalities are getting creative…

  20. blahman1able says

    looks pretty weak actually…

  21. MightyDark 1011 says


  22. Robert Vallejo says

    How many fatalities counts after MK to MKXL?

  23. Microphone Jacket! says

    I have to wonder, how to these people come up with the idea of these fatalities?

    Nertherelm just be employees sitting in a room asking themselves, "Come on guys, what's the nastiest thing we can think of?"

  24. Zach Adair says

    That last scorpion fatality was perfect

  25. Jake Bryant says

    Oh this'll give the sjws nightmares

  26. Vinícius Ferreira says


  27. Bloodbane2099 says

    These seem a hit meh IMO 9 and 10s were a touch better but that's just me

  28. Ayberk Vardar says

    in game fatal blows (xrays) make fatalities a little bit redundant. otherwise looks great

  29. mmm6325 says

    Bro Boon has no limits wtf lmao

  30. Dade Lee Murphy says

    looks like SOME of the fatalities improved.

  31. Silver Odyssey45 says

    I don't see sub zeros scar on his face

  32. Robert Curley says

    As long as my boy Takeda is in it then I say bring on the gore

  33. Kajetan Nakonieczny says


  34. antitroller101 says

    So….anyone else got dat MK MURDER BONER

  35. Jamesplays Jr says

    I can't wait for this to be fully released it looks so realistic

  36. Boss Breezy says

    Ig every wanted to kill scorpion

  37. Ghost Butt says

    Damm Scarlet’s fatality good

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