MORTAL KOMBAT 11 "Frost" Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC

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MORTAL KOMBAT 11 “Frost” Gameplay Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC / Switch
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  1. Larry Legendary says

    Man it feels like ages since I've seen her in any mk and to be honest it has been ages?Last time I saw Frost it was after Taven saves her in!MORTAL KOMBAT!Armageddon and the last words I ever heard her say was"THE LIN KUEI WILL BE MINE!"
    ❄Frost❄is a female Lin Kuei warrior in the!MORTAL KOMBAT!fighting game series,who made her debut in MKDeadly Alliance as Sub-Zero's apprentice,taking the character archetype❄of the overly ambitious fledgling.
    Her dedication to fighting and learning is overshadowed by her arrogance and hostility towards anyone she perceives to be greater than her,❄including her own sifu and Sonya Blade.
    While certainly not on par with? that of Sub-Zero's,Frost's cryokinetic powers are extremely potent.
    Rather than relying on freezing the opponent directly,she❄was known of utilizing the fighting tactic of freezing a large area of the ground in front of her, thereby increasing her range and improving her odds of connecting with an enemy another fighting skill she learns from Sub.
    Along with also being able to slide into the opponent and knock them down,as well as execute an uppercut ❄by teleporting away from the opponent and reappearing behind them.
    Finally,her freezing powers allow her to create two small daggers made of pure, concentrated ice?that she uses in battle. Overall,she may not be as powerful as her mentor but she makes up for it with her superior speed and strategic potential.
    As seen in this trailer following her roboticization she received various cybernetic augmentations and abilities such as internalized❄freezing weapons similar to her former master's cyber form as well as the ability to launch her head like a rocket and even detonate it like a bomb,only for her to simply replace it with a new one similar❄to the traditional cyborg-ninja's movesets in Cryax and Sektor during their early incarnations during previous games.
    As stated above,Frost does not get along with Sonya.
    It is mentioned in Deadly Alliance's Konquest mode that Sonya was attacked by Frost prior? to the meeting with Raiden so it'll definitely be quit interesting to see the banter between these two during their character dialogues it's probably heated like most of them r between rivals????
    Frost mainly refers to Sub-Zero as sifu,a Chinese term for a master or teacher.
    Along with Blaze,Kenshi,Quan Chi, and Kitana,she is one of the few characters in❄Deadly Alliance to be seen performing a kata.
    She uses an especially energetic style for this,with several impressive jumps and kicks.
    Frost has the longest Bio Kard video out of all the MK characters.
    Like Sub-Zero,Frost can form solid weapons by freezing surrounding water vapor❄She can only create small daggers in early games,where as Sub-Zero is capable of creating a sword.
    However,her Ice Daggers in MKDeadly Alliance are shorter than in MKArmageddon.
    When the first bits of information about MKDeadly Alliance began to surface,Frost was mistaken as a female version of Sub-Zero,where as Boon confirmed(during an interview with Game Informer)this wasn't true and he instead described her as being more like his female counterpart.
    During early games she shares the same voice actress? as Sonya and Kitana.
    She can be unlocked by purchasing koffin IV,which is the cheapest koffin to purchase a character.
    Her main fighting style is Tong Bei,which she kept until her last appereance in!MORTAL KOMBAT!Armageddon.
    Her second fighting style is Yuan Yang.
    She is one of only three characters❄to possess a"tragic"ending in past games(the others being Scorpion and Lei Mei),when she is frozen by Sub-Zero's Lin Kuei Medallion.
    During MK Unchained she has the same voice actress as Kira.
    In Deception,she is one of the characters that appear in cells in the Dark Prisonstage.
    In Konquest mode,the people of the Chaosrealm talk in backwards words?One of the phrases they say is along the lines of "Could Frost merely be hibernating?",hinting at a future return as playable content of the character possibly a trolling edition by the "King Of Trolling" himself EdBoon.
    In MK Armageddon❄she can be seen fighting Sonya right after Jax breaks Quan Chi's leg,and later on she can be seen fighting Sub-Zero and Sareena.
    In mk9 on the Pit stage she is one of the characters that can be seen fighting in the background against the others,
    being Kenshi,Sareena,Reiko,or Daegon.
    Also,in Story Mode❄during the cutscene before the fight between Kabal and Cyber Sub-Zero,in the latter's HUD it can be seen that when he is cross-referencing his data base with Kabal,one ?of the pictures shown is that of Frost.
    She can also be seen in one of Raiden's Visions,corresponding to when he briefs the Earthrealm heroes(along with Sub-Zero,Kung Lao,Johnny Cage and Sonya) during Deadly Alliance.
    In MKX Frost makes a cameo in Scorpion's❄chapter where she against Sub-Zero's orders,attempts to kill Scorpion.
    The outfit Frost wears during the cameo is a smaller,more feminine version of Sub-Zero's primary attire in?the game.
    Honestly I'm not suprise that she faces Sub in her trailer beings that they have pretty complicated history between one another.
    Her cyberization also comes as no suprise to me considering the fact that her situation is some what like Noob's,?meaning that she never officially left the Lin Kuei she just disappeared and resurfaced years afterwards and due to her unbreakable loyalty to the clan she'd be willing to go along with the cyber initiative unlike❄ other well known members of the clan whom fought against it like Sub-Zero,Cryax,and Smoke?
    Her fatality in this trailer is like a futurized version of Sub-Zero's spine rip it's pretty fucked up especially when performed on Sub-Zero like after all that hard work becoming human again just to get killed and become a cyborg again and the person whom is responsible for this was ur former student now that's just,cold pun intended
    I'm absolutely in love with her design in this game it's a great inspiration to her classic look with her hair still maintaining that baby blue color yet styled different along with her cybernetic enhancements giving her attire a more futuristic flair to it???
    Her winning pose is pretty dope to it's just like Sub-Zero's intro only with her using her chest orb instead of cryomancy like Sub,it's like a sly way of saying whatever you can do I can do better obsolete old man.
    She is the first ever female Cyborg-ninja to ever appear in the series.

  2. johan martinez says

    tthis game is gay asf

  3. royalfresh says

    you'd heard of color swap ninjas, now get ready for gender swap ninjas

  4. Klamy Dia says

    Is that how it worked in West World?

  5. r1too says

    1:30 AWE man! watch her waist.. so effin cool..

  6. Emmanuel Toledo says

    Frost <3! Finally, but why she is a cyborg?

  7. Lazell Fennell says


  8. Codax TheVulture says

    How could he break her ribcage if she has Freeze slot thing there?

  9. Chewy4687 says

    damn imagine if you can instantly swap between stages so quick like that would be badass ?

  10. David Lee says

    Not buying this sjw woke shit, fuck mk 11

  11. sadetwizelve says

    She's oh pee.

  12. Sachin Jagotra says

    Title of this fight.
    "Song of Ice and Ice"

  13. Kons37 Flyingreapper says

    Sure they cursh their bones and drill through each other and survive

  14. TS 175 says

    Sooo iron man but ice

  15. Octane Hardy says


  16. Io și atât says


  17. Cpt. Mozzie says

    0.001 notification squad

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