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Shang Tsung is coming to #MK11 along with Spawn, Sindel, Nightwolf, and 2 more guests in the Kombat Pack! Early access to the Sorcerer begins June 18th.

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Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language


  1. ZeDSuKe says

    MK11: Your Money is Mine…!

  2. Manco de Esparta says

    Qué cagada que ya no dejen transformarse cuando uno quiera como los antiguos mk……

  3. Raptor Syed says

    Out of the The remaining two people one of them might be kenshi

  4. Xander Payne says

    Shang sung: your soul is mine
    Ash: if I had a dollar for every time I heard thar

  5. J F Z28 says

    Should have just been in the game.. just like any other stuff that will be proposed as DLC.. but people will eat it up

  6. Son Kakarot59 says

    Two more guest fighters are already leaked
    Ash from Evil Dead (Chainsaw sound)
    The Terminator (Music sounded like The Terminator Theme)

  7. Ej Vazquez says

    The two special guest characters are going to be from horror films as hinted with the blood splatter in the words but if you listen carefully when the text pops up you can hear a chainsaw whirr in background the wouldn’t do leatherface again so who could it be leave a comment and a like if you want thank you

  8. ADRIAN MAC says

    Nunca supe cómo se escribia

  9. 2:10

    Your Wallet Is Mine

  10. Muhammad Syahmi says

    One thing that I’m confused they still stand when it says “FINISH HIM”

  11. Omnicidal Clown says

    A literal love letter to all the classic Mortal Kombat ninjas, and those that're both dead and/or aren't in MK11. I love that.

  12. Lojiq wit Truth says

    Oh my goodness his shifting is so fluid and that fatality oh my goodness spoiler alert

  13. Tincho Barbero says


    You're welcome

  14. Amazing Wonderer says

    Now that we have the movie version of Shang tsung is it too much to ask for a Robin Shou Liu Kang

  15. Илья Васильев says

    Where is Terminator?

  16. sesquipedalian mug says

    When are they going brig REIKO back I love that mf

  17. L M says

    You know your old like me, when you know all of Shang Tsung one liners came from the Mortal Kombat Movie and 70% of everyone else watching this goes right over there heads. Ed Boon well done on that touch, well done sir.

  18. REDWOLF says

    I like the CHAINSAW sound (Ash Williams) and "DUNDUN DUN DUN" (Terminator theme-esque) during the "AND TWO MORE GUESTS"!! Nice one 😉

  19. Fenris Wolf says

    Spawn, Spawn yes!

  20. Ivan Wei HONG says

    Is it just me or does Shang Tsung look like Tommy Wiseau in the thumbnail?

  21. Shameek Kennedy says

    They petty for making ☔️
    He where purple
    His name rain
    Someone must love that song purple rain ????

  22. Vindicator 6 says

    Souls: *exists*

    Shang Tsung: YOINK

  23. Jarell Escribano says


  24. elivs tec says

    The developers after this

    Your money Is mine

  25. Julius Dean says

    Ed Boon: Who's your favorite ninja?
    Shang Tsung: Yes

  26. Tre Saves Lives says

    So basically chameleon

  27. Keenan Le Blanc says


  28. brett mitchell says

    I like how they're playing the Terminator music at the end the lets me know that the next DLC characters going to be Terminator

  29. Ric Savage says

    I’m throwing money at my screen,but nothing is happening!!!

  30. Josh Moulton says


  31. Dmitry Ivanov says


  32. Andrew Sandoval says

    The chainsaw buzzing at the end gives me a reason to believe doomguy will be part of this dlc pack

  33. SPINKS ALOT says

    If one of those 2 guests are shaggy take my mf money now!!!

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