Mortal Kombat 11 – Official Launch Trailer

  1. Pipu Smash ! says


  2. Noah Medders says

    Kronika: I want to make a timeline where nobody fights

    Me: you know what game you're in right?

  3. Yoshio Sato says

    Does anyone know where I can find the full theme of this trailer?

    I mean the version of this videogame, not the version of the movies filmed in the 1990s.

  4. Emenhiro says

    Man on Man I am still watching this video

  5. alp agat says

    Where can I find this version of the song

  6. killatofu17 says

    Noob in Batman voice -"Hello little brother"

    Me – "oh yeah that's the stuff"

  7. Vance Biddulph says

    Why would someone dislike this ?

  8. PC'si Olmayan Adam says

    OMG They used that theme song "Test Yout Might" and I'm gonna cry for a while

  9. Zefanya Lt says

    when will they release the theme song??????

  10. Gannicus s says

    best game theme song ever!!!

  11. hayder Dragovic says

    Just the rooms need some improvement
    The names are tiny if they make it little bigger

  12. evilgenius jr says

    Damn learn from the master that's how you do a trailer

  13. God says

    Ah yes, the classic song

  14. Eren Jaeger says

    This is it! Using this theme can only mean one thing…


  15. GeNaCiDe122112 says

    They should of used this at E3

  16. Aviv Gannon says

    Mortal kombat – the only series of video games in history that gets better and better every game.

    What's the secret of this immortality?
    No PC shit.

  17. Ggjjhff Gfgref says

    The worst fighting game of all time DO NOT BUY!!!!!

  18. Erik VQ says

    How can you merge the past and future Mortal Kombat?

    Take the old and lovely theme song and improve it further

  19. DrCleetus says

    1:11 my favorite quote from any mortal Kombat game

  20. прямо трейлер бои

  21. Nassos Zeppelin says

    Where is Kratos!!!!

  22. EricRuna says

    Mortal Kombat 12 needs this song in the FIRST trailer. And from now on. Also. Just today I knew the existence of this trailer. So many days without knewing. So many days having the taste of that first trailer… man.

  23. KaustavOO7 says

    is this soundtrack in the game?

  24. Лось Эстонский says

    Бля ну это супер эпично!!!!!!!!!

  25. Marc Van de Couch says

    Imagine you're working as a Video editor for Netherrealm and you're going to present this to your boss with full knowledge of you being promoted to the moon.

  26. Derrick Johnson says

    The trailer looks like the best movie of 2019 that we will never have

  27. Dinosaurcondom says

    I swear man…this song does Mortal Kombat soooo welll…. they need to embrace their past for their future.

  28. Mario s says

    Wasn't going to preorder it then I heard that original theme song!!! Bamm I ordered it that same day lol

    It took me back to the arcade

  29. PMA DOOD says

    Eddie Bravo as Scorpion lol

  30. suka slav says

    is the song ingame?

  31. anthonyfranco88 says

    Question: Me and partner share one PS4. We bought the game and have been using his PSN ID when playing the Krypt and updating characters. However, we tried for the first time to battle each other and I can't access the new Variations we created; it's a bare profile when I use my PSN ID to play as second player. Is there no way to use the same ID when playing two players so that we can both select the variations one profile created? Please let me know.

  32. Shady Boi says

    original movie theme plays epic gamer moment bois LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOO

  33. Wolf Trapking says


  34. John S. says

    Even infinite warfare trailer might look good with MK theme.

  35. murdered by malice says

    That last part with Fire God Liu Kang is so satisfying yo watch

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