MOSLEY – Official Teaser/Trailer

  1. AniToon Powerhouse says

    This is going to be underrated goodness.

  2. Jake Stout says

    I am excited about this movie! Because it’s way better than Free Jimmy (the worst Norwegian British 2006 animated film ever).

  3. Bev Adair-Beets says

    Massive respect and I'm front and centre when this hits the cinema !!!

  4. shellman1 yt says

    When is Mosley start?

  5. AlexReynard says

    I was just having a conversation about Rock Dog, and how we need more animated films where the effort goes into storytelling and character, rather than, 'How much of the budget can we blow on celebrity non-voice-actors?'

  6. Harry Palmer says

    This isn’t the Oswald Mosley I know, I propose a new machine!

  7. Rebel Lord says

    Is this a Undertale Origin Movie?

  8. Trans Cutie Anonymous says

    I want to buy this movie just to support Lucy.

  9. Stripey Arse says

    This is what trailers are supposed to do. Make you excited for a movie.

  10. Martyn McMurray says

    Even though this trailer is less than 2-more minutes, this movie already shows protentional. The visuals look very Chinese, and everyone knows how beautiful Chinese animated movies are. I've been having this idea for an animated movie for quite some time. Does anyone wish to read it?

  11. dustystars says

    so uh this movie is about slavery? um difficult subject matter wish you luck in handling it!

  12. Vincent the Mortician says

    Duuuuude yes

  13. Patchlamb says

    Very interesting!

  14. El_Mexican27 says

    Now I know where Toriel came from

  15. Brian Hull says

    Super interesting!! Can’t wait to check it out!!

  16. Bitch of Rome Entertainment says

    I hear Xena…. will watch just for Lucy Lawless!

  17. gwwatkins says

    Can't wait to see this in the theatre!!

  18. Luke Swasbrook says


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