MULAN Official Trailer (2020) Disney, Live-Action Movie HD

“Animation Movie” trailer

MULAN Official Trailer (2020) Disney, Live-Action Movie HD

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A young Chinese maiden disguises herself as a male warrior in order to save her father. A live-action feature film based on Disney’s ‘Mulan.’

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  1. Kim H says

    Now, I love Mushu, the cricket, etc. as much as anyone else, but I don’t want to watch a shot-by-shot remake. I’m excited to see Disney embrace a new storyline. Mulan was my hero when I was younger because she was a strong Asian female, not because she was Shang’s girlfriend or anything. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal that Disney’s making a live action version of the classic Chinese story and not the animated version.

    I can’t wait to see my favorite childhood tale come to life ❤️

  2. sydney kostelak says

    It looks pretty and all

    But no music, Shang, or MUSHU?! I can't, I'm sorry, I can't

  3. Allie Phillips says

    Love the representation, but hate how they change the story

  4. Sh 1997 says

    Omfg I hate this so much.

  5. RiNNiE says

    They should’ve known we would riot about the songs, mushu, cricket, Shang…hell even the grandma lol. She was funny.

  6. Ytmaster Sahra says

    Cant wait

  7. Miss Ace says

    Having Mulan without Mushu is like having Aladdin without the Genie. It just doesn't work.

  8. krispy kream says

    uh oh watch how disney fuck this one up

  9. jungle boy says

    Hze hytaduud iim baisiin sda vhej baigaa ym shig horhoi shavij idej yvdag ulsuud mnai Mongoliig bvr dald sanaatai muulj baigaa gulugnvvd disney gulugvvdtei niileed esvel china ih hemjeenii mungu ugsunduu vhej dald oroosoi china!!!

  10. SoulLaos says

    Not sure about the story change. I love the cartoon Mulan where she hid her identity and was more boyish. The main character in the live action is very girlie and flaunting her body. Mmmmmmm…….disappointed because Mulan is my favorite Disney princess and changing her character is so sad. Where is Shang? How can you not have him in the movie. A new love interest? Blah!

  11. XxDark RattlexX says

    We didn't see Mushu. We didn't see the cricket. We didn't even see Shang. But what I wanna know is WHERE ARE LING, YAO, AND CHEIN PO?!

  12. Shelby Ramirez says


  13. Go Away says

    This seems like some kdrama, not the Mulan we used to watch ? They didn't just lowkey change the disney one into one based off history without using our main characters? Then whats the point? Don't even call Mulan if its gonna be based on more historical views and a wipeout in characters!

  14. Flow cringed 1221 says

    nope nope nope i will make this movie this is so incorrect nope not happening we need mushu her hair is supposed to be cut at the end no no no

  15. ZaraUchiha13 says

    umm, let's hope the movie's better than the trailer

  16. Amanda Long says

    We're mushu at also the cricket they ruined the movie

  17. aly nacario says

    Can they pls unmake this

  18. Movieman909 says

    I dont know about anybody else but imho, Disney is really running out of ideas with these live action remakes. Aladdin, lion king, this, little mermaid, jungle book, Cinderella, maleficent, beauty and the beast, what's next?????

  19. Josias Rodrigues Dancer says

    Cadê o mushu ?

  20. Laoagan Lester says

    Wow! The actress Liu Yifie from the 2017 Canes Film Festival Official Entry The Chinese Widow/In Harm's Way and Jackie Chan and Jet Li's movie The Forbidden Kingdom play's Mulan and she fits the character. I am happy for her! Good for her! Good Luck!

  21. Rising Star says

    Is that a trailer ? If its story is same as previous movie Mulan , then I'll give it rating -5 Stars .
    Is the story same as previous one or different ?

  22. Zoe Helke-Pierce says

    whaaaaat is happening!

  23. Elilenk EdwardMMOs says

    i remember watching the original version in high school geography, i'm surprised they're making a live action version

    maybe i should tell my geography teacher

  24. Mandal Keith Orton says

    People calm ur asses its not the full length trailer yet

  25. Shadow BlackJinouga says

    Where's Mushu?!?!

  26. 어둠어둠 Darkness says

    If this goes by the actual tale of Mulan, then why is there more scenes of her flaunting her long hair like she's a sponsor for a hair treatment product? I really hope its at the end, other wise its not really that realistic.

    If it is going to happen like that, why not just put Mushu, the crickets, and the others , by that logic.

  27. Graham Isiah Chong says

    TBH Mushu and the cricket, brought humor and life to the animated Mulan Movie.

  28. KudosK says

    Can you not remake your old movies, for 5 SECONDS!?!?!

  29. Fantasmic Art 2312 says

    Good that they removed some characters from the original Mulan to obtain it's Chinese background story, but bad if Mushu and Cricket were so loved and expected in the irl action movie

  30. KikiFeiXx says

    Disney is running out of ideas

  31. anthony anthony says

    An Asian fitness/swimsuit model or Mr. China should play that guy I forgot his name

  32. Giorgio21 says

    No mushu? No Li Shang? Its a NO from me!

  33. Mystery 991 says

    When there s no cricket or dragon… DISHONOUR

  34. Judit Szaszkó says

    So nobody is going to mention that there is already a live-action Mulan movie? The Chinese made one back in 2009, it's called (you guessed it) Mulan, and it's great. Go Google it.

  35. Ethan Lao says


  36. D Lu says

    Disney: let’s make a movie based on a classic Chinese character, but let’s add a dragon and name him Mushu.

    Chinese: let’s make a movie based on George Washington, but let’s add an eagle sidekick and name him pizza.

  37. Golden Retriever says

    Umm where is Mushu and Cricket??

  38. alejandro Franco says

    y… el Dragón???

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