MUNCHKIN QUACKED QUEST Trailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC / Switch

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MUNCHKIN QUACKED QUESTTrailer (2019) PS4 / Xbox One / PC / Switch
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  1. EDSON SOBRAL says

    please can someone guide me how to put in local multiplayer?

  2. Bruneba Shop says

    Can we play it online with anyone?

  3. Angelus Nielson says

    Anyone getting Gauntlet remake vibes from this?

    Not that it's a bad thing at all.

  4. Unlooted Vault says

    I love Munchkin So much, hope they eventually add everything from all the card expansions.

  5. DaveThe SodaGuy says

    no THIS looks awesome!!

  6. moe de luca says

    Just got back from school

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