Need for Speed™ Heat Official Gameplay Trailer

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Drive into your first adrenaline-fueled look at gameplay for Need for Speed™ Heat, a vibrant street-racer where daytime is a bright sunny, urban environment and night a dangerous neon playground. Turn the key. Burn all limits.

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“Break Of Dawn” feat. Stoltenhoff (Duke & Jones Remix) Performed by Yellow Claw. I AM ME performed by Ramengvrl.


  1. Política y medios says

    Those graphics are awkward and ugly.

  2. leschka79 says

    Это чего для телефонов чтоли выйдет ,че так стремно игруха выглядит ?

  3. mustafa alçınlıs says

    Rip 2005 NFS mw

  4. Burhan Syd says

    Where's the TSX biatches.

  5. Kochenk says

    Bangsatttt wkwk

  6. Najmi says

    so its ramengvrl song lol

  7. Puja Astawa says

    No Toyota?

  8. Kartika Puspita Sari says

    Bicami bicami ramengvrl

  9. Justin Pandewa says

    come here cause RAMEN GVRL

  10. Babe Mari says

    Any NFS Hot Pursuit fans in here???

  11. ahmad zaki says

    Bangsaaaaat ???

  12. Gede Keresnadi says


  13. Oyun Diyarı - Oyun Kralı says


  14. kenni lasprino says

    Indonesia pride

  15. checkdajoker says

    FOOOOOOKIN Finally another god damn street racing game. Now if we can get some street sports back too id be set for life.

  16. CarTecGame The says

    Nagyon remélem hogy az irányítás végre jó lesz. Kb mint az Underground nál.

  17. mohamad fajar abdillah says

    Ramengvrl anyone????

  18. The Akshay Nair says

    Just call it NFS Underground 3 Already….

  19. Anthony Crupi says

    No one is mentioning the Forza Horizon vibes??

  20. Yoga says

    Ramengvrl ?

  21. RaizeN says

    This game will be sHeat

  22. R J says

    Escape the police for only $7.99 per police vehicle and $24.99 for the helicopter. EVERY TIME!

  23. Bastians Goofy says

    When exactly does this game come out? Date exactly?

  24. Dixon Muhammad says


  25. Khairul Rizal says

    Anjir lagu Ramengvrl❤❤

  26. Daffa Muhammad aslam says


  27. Connor Riley says

    Anyone else thinks the next game should be a remastering of need for speed most wanted 2005

  28. zi daNx says


  29. Frame says

    Если физика будет "скользящей" и в этой игре, то серия игр Need For Speed будет для меня мертва навсегда! Надеюсь что Ghost Games не обосрутся и выпустят тот NFS, который мы все ждём….

  30. After watching early access gameplay of this I finally think EA made the best NFS since nfs prostreet

  31. Zilla Jack says

    I came here for RAMENGVRL!

  32. Lakshit Singh says

    0.44.. Wait wth. What's next, driving through a building.

  33. Ganu Entertainment says

    Need for micro transactions.

  34. Flyer Games says


  35. Misaal Jayant says

    What's the difference from other games, it feels like the older , what we want is story like in continuation from nfs wanted and carbon and then include customization like those games and include features of new games. I am not buying this at all…

  36. Rifaldy Hendrajat says

    Intro be like


    But its like Most wanted 2005 upgraded now

  37. Gérard Veyron says

    Das ist das, was ich als dlc für payback erwartet habe. Als dlc gerne angenommen. Als eigenes Spiel kommt es niemals in meine sammlung.
    Black Box I miss u.

  38. tmahaikal says

    who the one that only goes here just to see ramengvrl from Indonesia?

  39. Waldi Widirama says

    Ramengvrl ?

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