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Avengers Project coming to E3 2019 announcement?! I give my gameplay expectations for each member. What’s going on guys? RBG here bringing you another video on the aforementioned Avengers Project. And we are literally on the cusp of E3 2019. Square’s holding a big press conference and they’ve announced that they have some major titles in store for us. So rightfully so we expect 1 of those big titles to be the Avengers Project. A game that promises to deliver an experience that gamers will enjoy for years to come. But has the most opaque descriptions. Not that much is known about it but the well of info is finally starting to leak. In the last video I talked about how Square Enix could possibly be pushing the Avenger’s Project back to 2021. A lot of you enjoyed it but there were a few who didn’t like I spent 7 minutes talking FF7 Remake to segue into my main topic. So today I’m gonna talk about my expectations regarding Square’s E3 presentation and each Avengers. Now for the past few days I’ve been doing mental push-ups trying to prepare my mind for what’s to come with the Avengers Project. In the previous video a leak from a throwaway reddit account mentioned that the game wouldn’t boast a huge roster like Ultimate Alliance 3. That game has an incredibly robust roster with over 30 characters including DLC. But the Avengers Project allegedly only features 6. Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, & Black Widow.

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  1. RandomBlackGamer says

    So we are back with more Avengers Project content. Since E3 is right around the corner I thought I'd do a video giving my expectations on the gameplay. Let me know what you think about my ideas and share some of your own.

  2. Xiinith says

    Flying and combat… Dbz games are good to take notes from.

  3. Lyther says

    tbh Marvel Ultimate Alliance is better (in my opinion)

  4. Antok go says


  5. KTS Boys says

    I just want open world for iron man and thor, hulk needs another one also, the last decent hulk game was 11 years ago, and cap, idk if he would really fit in a open world game like the others

  6. Mykee Wattz says

    I don’t want Captain America doing Parkour, what type of nigga shit are you trying to incorporate in the game ?

    Also, take some speech classes because that will help you enunciate and be more charismatic… You sound like you’re reading and essay on Shakespeare… we all know how boring that it is!

  7. Nate says

    Hyped until square enix logo

  8. Stephen Gaines says

    Fuck all dat, Black Panther would beat all that ass so where my nigga at ✊?

  9. Felipe Almeida Nogueira says

    Por que eu recebi notificação disso?

  10. Thunder Phoenix says

    Can we get Gambit on the forefront of the movies and game

  11. Antonio Ferreira says

    I was expecting a better graphic .. at least, for a game that should come out on the consoles of the new generation ..

  12. Selvera 127 says

    Just cause is what they should model Ironman after it would be perfect

  13. Your mom Loves me says

    Ok but where is Wanda Maximoff aka scarlet witch…..??

  14. Jairus Tucker says

    i hope the new avengers endgame has really good freeroam and good graphics as spiderman ps4

  15. Comics And Chit says

    Misleading thumbnail dick! ?

  16. Guido Valenzi says

    Alguien me explica porque el título está en español o latino (soy latino) y el vídeo está en inglés, osea yo entiendo inglés y lo hablo fluido pero hombre porque haces eso ponlo en tu idioma así nadie se equivoca

  17. Mason Sumi says

    I think it would be really cool that if you were playing as Banner, if you pressed a button, you would turn into hulk. Like the LEGO games

  18. mistajay dillinger says

    Hope it is good cuz I've played other marvel games and they are nothing special well they sucked so hopefully they actually try like ps4 spiderman

  19. Christopher Ibanez says

    Fuck an Ironman game. I want a Wolverine or Old Logan game that has the camera work and brutality of God of War, but with a dark tone like The Last of Us.

  20. paco ramon says

    Ironman would be a really cool character to base a game of.

  21. Bloke Jr says

    Bring back ultimate alliance!!! That shit was my childhood

  22. Carlos Roberto Aguilar says

    Exacto viejo soy ese comentario en español que estás buscando xd

  23. Jeanpoul Larena says

    Porque me sale como notificacion si ni estoy suscrito

  24. Blin Cat says

    Wait that sponsor is actually real?

  25. Manny Man says

    I hope the graphics are as good as the Spider man ps4 game.

  26. Nerd Stark says

    Click bait

  27. やぎ肉 says


  28. Josiah Taylor says

    endgame? Lol

  29. Viacheslav Zyrianov says

    What a shit

  30. Tj Bufford says

    I really hope they let captain America do the rikishi shield thing on enemies that would be ???

  31. Patrick P. Figueiredo says

    If they also take the FF XV and Tomb Raider graphics and style… will be freakin amazing
    Or make something even better, stylish, a lot of action, no first person view.. only 3rd person

    No animation like Kingdom Hearts and stuff… because that would annoying and ugly

    I am nervous to see this game in action on E3, hope they do and did it right ❤

  32. rafa. Art h. Q Mangà says

    Vai me dizer q vai ser exclusivo da sony ???

  33. WITLESSMASS says

    The only thing Anthem got right was the flying and combat which made you feel like Iron Man.

  34. Evandro Henrique says

    Top d+

  35. Jumbotax 239 says

    Please don't tell me that it is another PS4 game please let it be a Xbox one game

  36. Sylar S says

    as long spider-man is in-game i will buy EVERY game

  37. jacob mussatti says

    Hulk = Barbarian
    Thor = Paladin/knight
    Cap = Balanced Warrior
    Iron Man = Mage
    Hawkeye = Archer
    Black Widow = Rogue
    I understand Hawkeye and Black Widow are not super flashy but in RPG terms, this is a full character roster. I've seen successful games with less classes.

  38. OriginalPotatotube says

    Top comment is gay.

  39. Brett Greenier says

    Hope I can do open world shit with Thor and iron man.

  40. Bottle Cape says

    Clickbait thumbnail. Feel ashamed please.

  41. loufromdabx says

    This is a great video my boy!!

  42. Anh Tuấn Lê says


  43. David Gomez says

    Some bad ass tekken ost in the background of your video ;p

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