1. RAW asshitshow says

    Name is awful but at least it’s something.

  2. Ruffian By Nature says

    Looks trash rockem sockem robots

  3. UK Flash Da Hyperman Gordon says

    Omg it look banging 👌

  4. Miker Rivero says

    The one thing that I noticed about many boxing games is that the Agility settings are very poor. It doesn't seem to capture the real-life agility of the players for some reason. Many games failed also to recognize footwork as part of the fighters' vital skills. For example, Manny Pacquiao's footwork does not reflect in all of his fighting avatar like in Fight Night and other games.

  5. UnFathomed Beatz says

    😂😂😂 Fight Night Champion still roasts this game. Altho the spammers make it shty, its the closest movement and action ever built

  6. The Old Shoes says

    Bro…. give me the money I’ll get the game made…. EA HAS A 5 million dollar budget!!! Come on now!!!!

  7. starks Smith says

    But most importantly take a note from fight nights system were u can create your opposition very important if you want to add real names. That helps the career mode experience seem realistic

  8. starks Smith says

    All you need is a couple of hasbeens like Briggs, judah,camacho jr, samuel peter,golata, it dont gotta be tyson , lewis, ali , you can make the superstars

  9. starks Smith says

    Needs better fluidity. Need better detailing and as far as the player creations , first thing is have the muscle mass or defintion show with good training but if u train bad u get chubby or lose alor of definition, also the weight gains and losses should be visual. Make sure there is wide variery of customization detail as in multple hair styles cuts also body types and weight class. Jumping if u want up & down but realistic not a heavyweight dropping weight to fight welter but maybe a cruiserweight and middleweight can work there way up 2 cruiser but not heavy

  10. dykecycle jr says

    What about round 4 round? What are we really waiting on?

  11. NotMadAtcha says

    Man im waiting all these cancer years im gonna be grandpa when there is a good boxing game

  12. ruru ruru says

    This shit looks like ps2 game😂😂😂😂

  13. Mexico Native says

    Looks good. I hated "Fight Night Champions" but loved "Fight Night Round 4".

    Champions was too glidy for me, I mean the walking felt like you were walking on clouds… the punches were super fast but the body movements to duck/lean were super slow. Hated that game, didn't make sense.

    FNR4 was the better game. Make it like that but better.

  14. Two things I see is the no facial expressions and robotic movement. I'll wait until the finished product is out.

  15. OliverOliOliOli says

    Music is hilarious

  16. Bryan Ed says

    What happened to the boxing day release?

  17. You Tuber134 says

    Hard to believe that we still dont have a decent boxing game on PlayStation 4 unbelievable

  18. xX-FAME-Xx says

    Showbiz the ref is like '' You just got knocked the fuck out ''

  19. Sugercoated Cyanide says

    The game had been delayed to Q3 2020 September, October, or November. Rewards are going to be released in February.

  20. Carlos Ortiz says

    Any chance for the switch?

  21. Mister Goblin says

    Does not look good…will be holding out for better options. Very poor choice of visuals in your teaser will turn more buyers away than sell them on your product

  22. BUGG20 says

    If it includes real boxers I'd buy

  23. Young Cheetah says

    If yall dont start thinking im Bill Gates ill buy it for sure

  24. Tee says

    I’ve been patient Showbizz as I believe you can improve the game. Any news bro?

  25. SoFly Win says

    Face is to still… Wheres the emotion in the face!

  26. FederalTracks says


  27. FederalTracks says


  28. FederalTracks says


  29. Nick Richards says

    youre a clown showbizz

  30. Nick Richards says

    its never gonna be as good as fight night

  31. Nick Richards says

    ime just gonna wait for fight night 2 because this shit just aint working lol its a shit childish game with shit music its not a proper boxing game.

  32. Beer Drank Shawty says

    this game looks like total bullshit man…

  33. Zygimantas L says

    loooks like shit… is this a 2019 title… The graphic need much work and if it dosent have fight night 2 joistik haymakers feele and mechanics dont bother..

  34. Ackram Jin says

    is it free

  35. Apollyon Rev911 says

    I'm just going to pretend I didn't see this trailer, and wait to see a more finished product😐.

  36. Alex Garcia says

    Why you blocked me 🐸

  37. Prentiss Hamilton says

    Ps4 pls

  38. Boxing 101 says

    Yikes, something weird about the movement, needs more frames per second bro

  39. Gilly Isilly says

    Any news regarding showing finished game play or a completed trailer with the updated animations or more details as we are under 2 months to go?

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