New Boxing Games! Who will take the crown from Fight NIght?

latest video games

Details on all of the new Boxing Video Games looking to fill the void left by EA Sports Fight NIght.

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  1. Support All The New Boxing Games .. ps .. Stay tuned to SGO' for Exclusives on HNL'

  2. Johnnie Jefferson says

    I know about hard knock live . Check YouTube show biz the adult he was involved and tells what happened to game .I will leave http:

  3. McGinnSucks says


  4. Adam Towns says

    lmao looks like shit

  5. Andrew Saliba says

    Fight night needs re birthing on ps4 asap

  6. Jerald Reyes says

    They have new vr boxing games but no one wants that shit. Im not playing vr to play a basketball game lol. Same thing goes to boxing.

  7. Daffy Duck says

    Idk why ea isn't coming out with a new boxing game they could charge upwards of a 100 dollars and people would pay for it.

  8. Azazel 2001 says

    It so ridiculous that an entire company is working on one game😒

  9. Don 1 says

    is that gman at 3:10 + ????? okay i see them

  10. Odbarc says

    The only boxers I really know about were around Mike Tysons time. I don't care enough about 'real boxers' so much as making my own guy and playing the game's career mode and making people bruise, bleed and get knocked out.
    What I would do is just make the damn game, allow for some kind of way to include your own face (or import them from whatever) and then just ask individual boxers if they'll participate in having their face and name added and get as many as you can.
    Hell, maybe just have each 'real' boxer be a $1 DLC or some nonsense which eat come with some kind of permanent boost to your custom boxers to encourage people from buying everyone. Maybe the game'll be free to play. With 60 DLCs at $1 a piece, you'll end up making at least a profit. Maybe everyone comes with a set of costume pieces you can mix and match on your own stuff so even if you get, say, just 10 things to pimp you guy out to look the way you want… I dunno. It doesn't seem as complicated as it is.
    The hard part should be making the game fun and easy to control. Nothing sucks more than having your fighter dancing around like a clown who gets his ass beat because they couldn't map the controller in a sensible manner.

    Things they could add;
    Female boxers.
    "Fight Club" mode.
    Recreate some of the most legendary fights in-game as a watchable replay.
    A more comprehensive fighting style you can set up so you can pick how you throw each individual punch.

  11. Dutch she was 14 says

    We need a boxing game frfr

  12. Bill Murray says

    I don't want this shit garbage… Fight night 4life!… Damn.

  13. Adam Mills says

    Knock out kings was cool when I was young. I miss a good old boxing game.

  14. ART says

    Well they'll have to put Tyson Fury on the cover now, well as he's the best heavyweight boxing champion of this generation. 👍🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  15. Billy Snots says

    These games look and seem like trash. Bring Fight Night back

  16. 007 says

    Hey we need another Fight Night

  17. Really Bruh says

    EA needs to bring back fight night

  18. Radeon Vector says

    It's so sad these are dead games by now. All hope is lost😢

  19. Kolby Davis says

    It’s easier to simulate a dog fight rather than the beauty and class of boxing

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