New ??? Game Releases June 2019 & ?? ???? Free Games ?????? (Upcoming PS4 Games 2019)

new video game releases

Every New Upcoming Game Releases in June 2019. The New PS4 Games Releasing in June 2019 seem fun. I also go over the PS Plus Free Games update. What are your Best PS4 Games coming soon πŸ™‚ SUBSCRIBE –

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
F1 2019
The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr
The Sinking City
Monster Jam Steel Titans
Mini-Mech Mayhem
Vacation Simulator
World End Syndrome
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2
Warhammer: Chaosbane
Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa

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  1. SuperDan Gaming says

    Edit I apologize for not being more specific. What I meant about PS Plus games going away is that While you dont have PS Plus you cant play the games. Once you get PS Plus again the games will still be there and be able to be played. Sorry for not being more specific, I just thought that was something that was kind of common sense. But I can see why people are leaving comments wondering about that
    Did my best to keep it short to simply inform you of the new games, But there was a lot of them XD lol Whats your favorite game coming out in June? Also hope the PS Plus Update answers your questions πŸ™‚

  2. Fasakuri says

    What about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019?

  3. Generic Female Cast says

    Thanks for the links, most top 10's don't even provide a link to games since they want you to watch the entire video, props to you for saving people some time and letting them know what to expect.

  4. JamesLanci says

    After your ps plus expires if you renew it will the games come back

  5. mr mash up says

    it's always been the case for the ps+ thing. you're are not getting free games at all, well in the case of you get to keep them. you're paying playstation a monthly membership to reep the benefits that come with ps+. playstation is giving these games as a thank you for the membership. if you don't pay the membership you don't get the games. simple as that

  6. Alejandro Pamintuan says

    thanks for making that clear bout ps+!@SuperDan
    hope there would be no need to pay to play online with friends and ps plus games are not that much needed

  7. Bro_D B says

    Isn't Mutant Year Zero already out? I swear I saw this game for sale in the PS Store.

  8. Spectator says

    I dont want to subscribe

  9. Theodin74 says

    Playstation Plus games don't go away when your membership expires, you just get locked out of them until you renew your membership, they stay in your library but if you want to play them, you will have to pay for your membership again, I know this from experience as I've had my membership expire and renewed it a few weeks later and still have all my PlayStation plus games in my library ready to download when ever im ready to tackle them

  10. Chase Viking says

    40 bucks for the Crash game when my sister bought it back when it first came out for 30. That's wack.

  11. Ray Hernandez says

    Lose your games if you let your ps plus expire or cancel, dumb!! I'm trading my ps4 in for another xbox one x, at least I can play games online for free and wont lose games that are downloaded from gold if I cancel my gold subscription

  12. metalraptor says

    Though unlikely, I think it would be smart if they gave the PS4 version of The Legend of Heroes: Trials of Cold Steel away in a monthly, seeing as the second and third games are coming out soon. By giving the first game away it would draw more attention to the series. Plus, the first game came out rather late for a PS3 title, and while it's a great game I still haven't finished it due to purchasing a PS4 shortly after preordering the game (and I bought my console pretty late), so a lot of people that might have purchased the game were probably focused on filling the PS4's library by then.

  13. T.O. P says

    It has always been that way. When your membership ends. Your games do as well

  14. MustangKombat says

    Dude you need to get up to date on gaming stuff if you want to succeed as a gaming channel, is old knowledge that with the free games on PS PLUS there playable as long as you have a PS plus subscription once it expires and if you don't renew it you can't play the games plain and simple this has been common knowledge since the PS3 era and you just found out wow you suck.

  15. J Corella says

    Your confusing me, let's say my ps plus subscription ends and 15 days later I renew it, I lose all my previous games?

  16. Pure Tunez says

    Great video like always!!

  17. V3N0M 1500 says

    Mutant: year zero released a few months ago weird to see it on a list for june

  18. Casey Bendell says

    Bro how do you crank out 3+ videos a week on the same subjects.. fuckin ridiculous

  19. Eugene Gans says

    no one has answers for nitro fueled pc release date

  20. Tuggy Peppa says

    To clarify the ps+ thing. You will still have the games but can only play them while u have an active ps+ membership. So if u don't have ps+ active they still remain in your library but cant be played. But when u activate again u can play those games again. They basically just go into hibernation until you activate your membership again. They do not dissapear. I've gone through this scenario many times.

  21. MaxxxFlo says

    First day of June?

  22. Vegeta says

    The PlayStation plus only gives you one free game each month most the time is a trash game they give for free

  23. Maxwell Henning says

    Nothing is free welcome to capitalism 101 america I've known for years that obviously u cant play online for free but luckily I'm good until December before I have to re up my ps plus subscription

  24. Maxwell Henning says

    Unfortunately u have to pay to play

  25. KingVenom703 says

    So there not free games. Microsoft this is your chance to get xbox back on top……..

  26. ATOMIC says

    When we got hitman for ps plus i could still play it when my subscription ended i think its only for the multyplayer ones that get locked

  27. Jazzr101 says

    Elder scrolls online is one of the worst games I ever purchased

    I can’t stand Grindy games

  28. Jafaw says

    What about Ghost of Tsushima

  29. AriesSpiritWizard says

    I don't want to pay for ps+ i just want to play online without paying for ps plus and gaming pc's are expensive and pc parts to

  30. Bow and Arrow says


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